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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Right Wing Hate PR against Chomsky

The USA has a free press, free to publish slanted smears.

Corporate mind f*ck, just like the 911 inside job ... read FURTHER BELOW

Writer Viewed As Holocaust Denial Sympathizer Visits School

Noam Chomsky Speaks At Newton School

POSTED: 12:17 pm EDT April 11, 2007
UPDATED: 5:34 pm EDT April 11, 2007

Parents and students at a local high school said they are outraged that an author who is viewed as sympathizing with people who deny that the Holocaust took place was invited to speak at the school. NewsCenter 5's Amalia Barreda reported that Noam Chomsky spoke at Newton South High School on Wednesday. Stephan Ross, a survivor of 10 Nazi concentration camps, approached Newton South High School to demand an apology from the controversial writer and philosopher, but police officers kept him from entering.
"It is very painful when you know that a Jewish man would go and, maybe he doesn't say much about the Holocaust, but he does protect deniers," Ross said. "Hitler had his favorite Jew. And I think the tyrants of the world have their favorite Jew and it happens to be Chomsky," said parent Richard Salter. Chomsky's appearance at Newton South attracted a small group of protesters that were all kept across the street from the school by police. Members of the school's Social Awareness Club who invited the Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor said it was their intent to have a respectful discussion with him about U.S. policy in Iraq. "We didn't invite him here because he had ideas we agreed with or didn't agree with.
We invited him here because we wanted to hear what an expert on the war had to say," said David Fisher of the Social Awareness Club. "We didn't want it to become an arena event and to become a big circus and have people yelling things or being disrespectful. We really wanted it to be an intimate discussion," said Ashley Norman of the Social Awareness Club.
"I think it is horrible that Mr. Chomsky would be invited to speak unopposed. And I find it also horrible that he is a huge proponent of the freedom of the press and speech and his speech is taking place behind closed doors. This is horrible. This is hypocritical," said Student Senate President Dan Groob. In a telephone interview with Barreda, Chomsky shrugged off the criticism."Most everything I said was in accord with the overwhelming majority of what Americans think. It people are upset about it, that's their problem," he said. About 150 students and parents were allowed to enter the lecture hall where Chomsky spoke. "We need to trust that the children can take in information, process it and form their own opinions, like they do every day in every classroom," Principal Brian Salzer said. In response to charges that he sympathizes with Holocaust deniers, Chomsky said he has taken one of the strongest positions in condemning those who deny the Holocaust happened. He said people who believe the opposite have probably never seen a word he has written, but have been exposed to mass propaganda about him.

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