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Friday, September 07, 2007

Lyndon Larouche wannabe mind control organization

During a September 3, 1987 EIR seminar in Munich, LaRouche urged the development of a new generation of these "mass-killing" weapons using the "full range of the electromagnetic spectrum" and making possible the "true total war." According to the published text of LaRouche's speech,[62] LaRouche told his German audience: " able to produce specific, nonlinear effects by this means, has won the power to dominate the world. We had better move quickly, before it is too late."

He should also know about his young german wife Helga-Zepp-Laoruche's candidature in the german elections on a total populist crappola platform.

Larouche is false flag, professional mind-control cult-for-money.

Tarpley and Larouche often use good information about secret-services and are not shy -- and sometimes entirely correct -- in making bold statements. They frequently mix fact with fiction when it comes to recruiting new followers or book buyers. From Tarpley's radio shows it becomes clear that his views on how soceity should be structures are close to a social-democratic platform, a regulated and well-taxed private enterprise in combination with a strong common-good expenditure. Roughly the social-democrat and green-party European consensus.

Lyndon Larouche is more of a hard-line US-american, he is near to fascism. His theories on society are unreflected, he does not endorse the peaceful socialist european model, he lives in the militarist reality of the USA, power and money drives his thoughts, psycho-control is his game.

Webster Griffin Tarpley:
Boys and Girls, the record shows Tarpley is over 50% wrong in predictions. Speculating is not his strong suit, his state terrorism and Gladio research notwithstanding. He was (and is?) close to EIR Larouche and has not come clean on it.

Wealthy Lyndon Hermyle Larouche operates an empire of deceptive businesses, clubs, committees and election-machineries, organised multi-nationally with bureaus and headquarters in USA, Mexico, India, Sweden, Norway, Italy, France and Germany.

o ICLC (International Caucus of Labour Committees)
o Europäische Arbeiter Partei (EAP) (european worker's party) Takes part in German elections.
o Akademie für Humanistische Studien (akademy for humanistic studies)
o Club of Life
o Anti-Drogen-Koalition (ADK) (anti-drug coalition)
o Deutsch-französisches Komitee zur Förderung der Kernenergie (german-french comitte for the advancement of nuclear energy)
o Fusions-Energie-Forum (FEF) ([nuclear-] fusion-energy forum)
o Schiller-Institut (SI)
o Bürgergruppe "Patrioten für Deutschland" (citizens-group Patriots for Germany)
o National Executive Committee (NEC)

o Campaigner Publications Deutschland GmbH & Co Vertriebs KG (publishing)
o Executive Intelligence Review Nachrichtenagentur GmbH (news agency)
o Verlag Karl Heinz Holz (publishing)
o Dr. Böttiger Verlag (publishing)
o P&F Progress-GmbH & Co Besitz-, Vermietungs- und Service-KG (property management)
o P&FBetriebsverwaltungsges. mbH (property management)

o Neue Solidarität (Wochenzeitung) (weekly newspaper)
o Fusion
o Ibykus
o Spuren und Motive
o Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) (In German, but has interesting ENGLISH INDEPENDENT ARTICLE about the mysterious death of a Larouche meeting attendee)

good info

The parallel between LaRouche's thinking and that of the classical fascist model is striking. LaRouche, like Mussolini and Hitler before him, borrowed from Marx yet changed his theories fundamentally. Most important, Marx's internationalist outlook was abandoned in favor of a narrow nation-state perspective.

LaRouche publications strongly denounce the policies of Mussolini and Hitler.[36][37] But he has also advanced, according to Dennis King and others, ideas which appear to be modelled on fascist and even Nazi racialist concepts.[38][39] King described some ex-NCLC members as believing that LaRouche was borrowing ideas from the Nazis.


Anonymous said...

I goes to larouche regional conference, you could simplify their bad side into an obsession to depict people who questions their assumptions as stupid.

Thats all they can do since they promote a positive environment for their members, trying to push them into musics and scientific readings.

You should be more pragmatic, there are billions of followers of any given faith, and you cant control them in any other way than in working inside their organisation.

Anonymous said...

More information about Lyndon LaRouche here: