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Sunday, July 20, 2008



The indictment about the Ergenekon probe has been disclosed at last. The indictment includes 35 thousand-page evidence against 86 suspects. Prosecutor Zekeriya Oz demanded terms ranging from 6 months to life imprisonment for 86 suspects. An additional indictment will be prepared for retired generals Sener Eruygur and Hursit Tolon and Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) Chairman Sinan Aygun.

The indictment included the attacks on the Cumhuriyet daily's headquarters in Istanbul and members of the Council of State. Despite the allegations, the assassinations of Dink and Santoro, killings of publishers in Malatya, coup diaries were not given place in the indictment.


According to the indictment of the Ergenekon probe, the alleged criminal network Ergenekon is a sect-like organization based on the 600-year legend of Agarta.

Some sources describe Agarta as the legendary underground city in Tibet where information about world's history, the oldest faiths and cosmic teachings was kept in hidden archives. Other sources depict Agarta as an organization established by monks from the lost island Atlantis who were waiting for the day when they would return to the surface of the earth from their underground sacred cities.


The military chief prosecutor called prosecutor Zekeriya Oz, who is carrying out the Ergenekon probe, at 10:00 p.m. on July 1 when retired generals Sener Eruygur and Hursit Tolon were arrested, and asked him to send copies of all documents seized in the houses and offices of the pashas.



Istanbul Public Chief Prosecutor Aykut Cengiz Engin said cases were filed against 86 people, 48 of them pending trial, within the scope of Ergenekon investigation on charges of, "founding and administering armed terrorist organization, and attempting to overthrow Turkish government."


The indictment made public by Chief Prosecutor Aykut Cengiz Engin yesterday, has revealed that the Ergenekon had a sect-like organization. The Ergenekon consisting of cells, took the legendary underground organization Agartha as a model for itself.

In the indictment, 86 suspects were accused of establishing an armed group. The prosecutor demanded life imprisonment for leaders of the group.


Istanbul Chief Prosecutor Aykut Cengiz Engin has filed the indictment about the Ergenekon probe after 13 months. The indictment gives broad place to the depositions given by two secret witnesses coded as "Dilovasi" and "Ismet". Dilovasi told the prosecutor about the unsolved murders during tenure of retired Gen. Veli Kucuk in the northwestern province of Kocaeli.


Interesting details and documents have appeared in newspapers every day talking about the content of the Ergenekon indictment, part of which was made public on Monday after 13 months of preparation. For example, on Tuesday some newspapers claimed that the Ergenekon gang, a crime organization suspected of having plotted to topple the ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) government, was inspired by a 600-year-old Central Asian legend named .Agarta.. The appearance of such details and documents in the media, according to some circles, is inappropriate when there is an ongoing judicial process; however, this argument is disputed by others who say it is not meaningful to deprive the court of ongoing debates by the public about a specific legal case nor is it beneficial to focus on the source of these documents while overlooking the information they contain.

Gülay Göktürk from the Bugün daily is one of those who welcome the discussion of all aspects of a legal case by the media despite the ongoing judicial process. .It is meaningless to try to isolate judges from debates going on in the society and to prevent them from benefiting from these debates while doing their job,. she says. In Göktürk.s view, if the media present multiple points of view, courts will be able to see where the public stands on the issue and will not get only one point of view (currently the case in Turkey). In other words, she says all aspects of a legal case will be debated by the public; everyone will voice their criticism, bringing to the surface every opinion. All these criticisms and opinions will certainly influence the judges and the prosecutor. Göktürk.s analyses apply to all legal cases. Specifically speaking about the Ergenekon case, she says that although the documents about the activities of this gang have been circulating among various media outlets and state authorities for five years, some media outlets had remained silent and now appear to not be influencing the judicial process as they continue their silence and even accuse media outlets which disclose these documents of engaging in information overload. .Had it not been for those courageous publications which you say have led to information overload, do you not know that documents about the Ergenekon gang would have been kept in the state.s secret archives forever and that they would serve nothing other than being tools of blackmail in power struggles among cliques?. asks Göktürk.

Hürriyet.s Oktay Ek.i, on the other hand, is very uneasy about the extensive coverage the Ergenekon case has gotten in the media and mocks the link established between Ergenekon and the legend of Agarta. Recalling a statement from .stanbul Chief Public Prosecutor Aykut Cengiz Engin, who complained about some news appearing in the media about Ergenekon without citing any sources, he says some newspapers seem to have ignored this warning. According to Ek.i, the prosecutor who prepared the Ergenekon indictment .leaked. information about the indictment to the media. .He admitted reporters in two groups in his office and gave them information about the Ergenekon indictment,. he claims.

Yeni .afak.s Taha K.vanç criticizes in particular newspapers that belong to the Media Group, which slam other media outlets that have been extensively covering the Ergenekon case. He says newspapers belonging to this media group are the ones that leak big news about the indictment. For instance, he says Milliyet reported about the approximately 2,500-page indictment while Radikal, from the hands of its editor-in-chief, accused Republican People.s Party (CHP) leader Deniz Baykal of recklessness when he claimed to be the defense attorney in the Ergenekon case. K.vanç terms this a big contradiction and a clear attempt to defame other newspapers.

Long-awaited Ergenekon indictment finds wide coverage in Turkish press

The long-awaited text of the Ergenekon indictment was made public on Monday, echoing widely throughout the Turkish press.

The indictment, announced by .stanbul Chief Prosecutor Aykut Cengiz Engin at a press conference, against Ergenekon, a criminal network made up of retired -- and possibly current -- army members, academics, journalists and others allegedly plotting a coup against the government, has been in preparation since the investigation into the organization began a year ago, when police discovered a house full of ammunition and guns in .stanbul.s Ümraniye district.

Zaman daily said, .Ergenekon indictment ready, court to have final word. in its headline, noting that the indictment, which was automatically transferred to the .stanbul 13th High Criminal Court through the National Judicial Network Project (UYAP), includes an armed attack against the Council of State and a separate armed attack against the staunchly secular Cumhuriyet daily in 2006. The court has 15 days to decide whether to agree to hear the case or reject it. If the court decides to hear the case, a trial date will be set, reported the daily.

Milliyet said, .Interesting resemblance to Ergenekon. in its lead headline, noting that the prosecutor who prepared the Ergenekon indictment described it as having the structure of a cult. The prosecutor claims that the gang is inspired by a 600-year-old Central Asian legend known as .Agarta.. According to the indictment Ergenekon has 20 departments -- some of which are in the fields of media and intelligence. The indictment also notes that Ergenekon has contacts in the mafia, it reported.

The Cumhuriyet daily approached the indictment critically and said, .Nothing is absent from it,. referring to the charges brought against Ergenekon suspects. According to the daily, the Ergenekon gang is reportedly a 600-year-old cult-like organization linked to terror organizations such as Hizbullah, the Islamic Great East Raiders Front (.BDA-C) and leaders of several other gangs. Attacks against the Council of State and Cumhuriyet, the murders of journalist Ahmet Taner K..lal. and academic Necip and several other murders that remain unsolved also found their way into the indictment, the daily said.

Aktam covered how .stanbul Chief Public Prosecutor Engin made a distinction between terrorist organizations when announcing the text of the Ergenekon indictment in which terrorism charges were brought against the suspects. Engin used a different definition of a terrorist organization when referring to terrorism charges against the Ergenekon suspects; however, no matter what kind of a terrorist organization it is, a life sentence was demanded for the suspects, as is the case for all terror suspects, the daily said.

Hürriyet in its top headline said the Ergenekon case, which is among the most significant cases in the Republic of Turkey, was sent to court 399 days after the investigation was launched. .First official information 13 months later,. the daily.s headline read, referring to the indictment.

Radikal in its main headline highlighted that the life sentences were demanded for the Ergenekon suspects in the indictment, citing 11 charges which were brought against the suspects by the prosecutor. The daily termed the charges .unfortunate..

Taraf said .Ergenekon killed them. in its headline, featuring a photo of three individuals: journalist K..lal., Council of State judge Mustafa Yücel Özbilgin and academic, whose murders shook Turkey over the past years and still remain the subject of much speculation. Referring to the Ergenekon indictment made public on Monday which linked some murders and bombing attacks in Turkey to the Ergenekon gang, the daily said the masterminds of the murders of these three had links to the Ergenekon gang.

Sabah daily quoted Prosecutor Engin in its headline who, in reference to Ergenekon, said, .It is beyond what everyone has in mind about a usual terror organization.. The daily, citing the charges the Ergenekon suspects face, said a life sentence was demanded for them.

Vakit daily, referring to jurists, said the Ergenekon indictment was the tip of the iceberg and that the masterminds of the gang would be included in an additional indictment to be prepared later.

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