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Sunday, November 22, 2009


They were really going to see off the AK Party
The Taraf daily has dropped yet another bombshell. The details of the allegations which can be found in the pages of the paper are blood curdling.
If the report is correct, then the naked truth is this: Someone or some people were determined to see off the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), and they were willing to risk everything to do it. Out of all the allegations put forward up until now, the new allegation deserves to be taken the most seriously. It.s even more important than the original of the document that features Col. Dursun Çiçek.s original signature. In the document prepared by Çiçek, which was published in Taraf on June 12, the preferred strategy to be used against the AK Party government was psychological warfare and propaganda. But the document published last week mentions killings, assassinations and bombs. It talks about malicious plans that would startle Western allies and lead to a besieging of the AK Party from outside. It lists .operations. that would be carried out against non-Muslim minority groups. I did not choose the word operation randomly but intentionally, for assassinations such as that of Hrant Dink and Father Andrea Santoro were mentioned in that way by the junta. People assumed that these killings were not ordinary incidents, thereby making it obvious that they were in fact .operations..

When we look at all that has been put forward we feel the need to say .God protected this country and made the gangs fall into their own traps.. We need to give them due credit since they prepared full-fledged projects. Inside the country they are accusing the government of .offering the country to the imperialist West as a gift.. Outside, they are forging a .religious party that is changing the country.. theme for the AK Party. Recall the reports about .missionaries running wild everywhere.

They are accusing the party of being a focus against secularism and surrendering the country to missionaries, and they shamelessly keep repeating this conflicting attitude. We also learned that they were lending a hand to non-Muslims by setting up Web sites such as and While on the one hand crying, .Oh nation, hurry, our religion is being lost,. on the other hand they were calling out to the Christian world, . The AK Party is having your co-religionists killed, what are you waiting for?. It wasn.t for just any reason that people who had never been inside a mosque before started drawing attention to a threat from missionaries by appearing on one television station after another.

Just as in the scenario of Sept. 6-7, 1955, when rumors that the Greeks in .stanbul had collected money to send to the Enosis gangs in Cyprus were exacerbated by the bombing of Atatürk.s house, some unwanted incidents followed. Years later, it was understood that the entire process, particularly the bombing, was a full-fledged Gladio operation. Sabri, who had worked at the Mobilization Research Committee when the incidents of Sept. 6-7 broke out, and who served as secretary-general of the National Security Council (MGK) between 1988 and 1990, speaking to the Aksiyon weekly in 2001, said: .The incidents of Sept. 6-7 are the work of the Special Warfare Department. It was a perfect organization, and it achieved its ends.. It should be noted that the ruling Democrat Party (DP) was punished by the military authority at the Yass.ada trials because of this provocation.

The AK Party and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip, I guess, would agree with me with respect to this feeling of .it was close.. Actually, I think nothing has passed. The determination and daring of these people is proof that they will not quit so easily. What worries me most is that these disclosures may serve not as a deterrent, but as a catalyst. How? If not punished, disclosure may bring about encouragement. What they do may come to be regarded as normal or ordinary, if not legal. And if they start to assume the .this is our duty. stance as legal advisor to the General Staff H.fz. Çubuklu did after the second whistleblower.s letter, it may become impossible to curb the pro-coup people. May God continue to foil their plots. Our eyes are on those who can do more.



hair-raising stories.

Guess what is going on in IRAQ?

Who plants the bombs?

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