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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

GLADIO TURKEY assassinations

They were not founded for assassination of Arinc!
Wednesday, 30 December 2009

manset_3.jpgMobilisation Survey Council which was irrupted and rummaged with the allegance of assassination is not peculiar to Turkey. This unit is a component of NATO organization in Europe. Why was this unit founded?

After the two TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) officers claimed to plan to assassinate to vice-PM Bulent Arinc were captured, the police irrupted Special Forces Commandership, Ankara Regional Directorate of Mobilisation in Ankara and carries out searches. What does this Mobilisation Council pay off?

Mobilisation Survey Council displaying activity under various names since 1952 has been the organizer of some state provocations in the country. Retired full General Sabri Yirmibesoglu has stated for September 6-7 events which had begun with the claims of bombing of Atatürk.s birth house in Selanik and had ended with loot of properties of minorities as .it was done by Special War Office and was a magnificent organization..

The same unit was the main actor in role in the foundation of Turkish Resistance Organization which was responsible from numerous filthy operations in Cyprus. But most importantly, this special operational force was struggling against the left wing of the country. This unit performed numerous murders done by unknown identities, bombings and provocations.

How these units with names of Mobilisation Survey Council, Special War Office and Special Forces Commandership were founded not only in Turkey but synchronously in all over Europe and what they pay off emerges by some representations.

The heritage devolved from Nazis to CIA
After the WW2, imperialist countries, US being the first, accelerated the war against communism, their archenemy : against Soviet Union and socialist countries outside, socialist and revolutionist movements inside. Some underground resistance groups have started to be founded against .communist occupation. in European countries just after the war. These groups were chosen among the most affiliated to ideal, that.s to say to anti-communism : nazists, fascists, right-wing extremists. The typical example of this was Reinhard Gehlen, the name US has brought to the presidency of intelligence in West Germany. Gehlen was a general in Nazist army during the war. He was organized by CIA after the war and charged to establish a spy system. The established system harbored hundreds of old Nazists for sure. Gehlen rised to the position of chief of intelligence system of West Germany by the support of CIA in a short time. In West Germany exalted as being . democracy symbol. as opposed to neighboring German Democratic Republic and socialist countries, the duty of struggling against communism had belonged to Nazists.

These organizations founded in all European countries in the capitalist camp were associated to SHAPE quarters of NATO and operations were directed from here. Although the supposed .communist occupation. has not ever happened, the struggle of these organizations against the left wing of the country was creating a long list of activities. Since this organization was accepted officially first in Italy in 1990 with the name Gladio, this name was used to be called for this secret NATO organization all over the continent. The more frequent technically used term was the stay-behind legions. According to this concept created by England, these secret legions were constituting various underground stash houses, preparing for and performing special operations in the country. This model was taken over by CIA to be distributed to NATO practices. Mobilisation Survey Council is the name of this model in our country.

Illustrative example: Greece
In our neighbor Greece where the Truman Doctrine, one of the most important documents starting the Cold War after the end of WW2, .adopted. with .us., special operation forces are named as 1st Raider /Paratrooper Brigade or as well known name, Raiders.

This special operation force similar in structure to the Mobilisation Survey Council in Turkey was founded in 1946. This force named as Mountain Raider Companies, abbreviated as LOK (Lochoi Orein.n Katadrom.n) in Greek, was immediately crusaded against communists in the ongoing Civil War on the side of the king and English. This force leaned against to military officers who has fought together with western forces and was financed and supported by the west. The emblem of LOK was winged sword. This was actually an interesting similarity : Gladio, the name of the organization in Italy, was the name of a sword from Roman period. The emblem of the unit in France, glaive, was again the name of a gladiator sword. The name of the unit in Austria, Schwert, meant sword. And the emblem of SHAPE quarters of NATO to which all these special war units were affiliated was two swords.

After the Civil War, US completely undertook the supervision of LOK. Both Central Intelligence Agency of Greece and experts directly from CIA were training and arming LOK soldiers. In fact, the education of nearly all soldiers placed in stay-behind groups in US was a rule for all countries including Turkey.

Stay-behind groups as forces on the side of coup
The mission of LOK resembles much to the special forces in other countries : Coup takes place in 1967 in Greece and during the declaration of Junta of Colonels, LOK brigade arranges an invasion to General Staff Quarters in Athens and so proves that he is the most important constituent of the coup supported by US. US, by this stay-behind organization in NATO, was triggering and directing the military coups in every country.

LOK did not give up the struggle against communists after the Civil War. Struggle against the leftists, extrajudicial executions, provocations continued for years.

After the collapse of the junta and adaptation to .democracy., LOK.s existence was questioned.. And LOK was .restructured. with the name of Raider Forces. The Raiders were. restructured. again in 1996 in EU member Greece. What happened in .democratic. Greece after this military unit was.restructured.?

Main function: anticommunism
Upon the killing of the youngster Alexis Grigoropoulos last year on 6th December by police shot, the youngsters called lost generation crowded the streets by protest demonstrations. The reaction and anger of the young could not be alleviated for a long time and street demonstrations continued.

An interesting progress was seen at the beginning of January. Greece Army was on second degree alarm and the soldiers of the legions started to be placed to the locations that can be used against civilian population were authorized to start fire in case they feel .threatened.. Special operation forces from Germany and Italy were stated to be prepared to help EU member Greece in case of spread of the munity. These were all learned by announcement of some military officers of the army who refused to be used as a pressure force on civilian population.

The special forces affiliated to NATO are used in the struggle against communism, in coups and in every filthy work in Greece. It was decoded and restructured from time to time depending on the politics of the country. But as seen, it reverted to its original form at the earliest oppurtunity.

Gladio in Italy and other special operation forces in other countries experienced similar political interventions and restructurings. Two points were in common in all countries. Firstly, in none of these political interventions the unit was abolished completely; either it was restructured or another unit was founded in place. Secondly, the force backing up these units did not change, being NATO, basically US.


Prosecutor.s report: Counter-guerrilla affiliated with General Staff
Ankara Public Prosecutor Öz, who was assassinated on March 24, 1978, is regarded as the first prosecutor who examined Gladio.s network in Turkey. Öz had found out that the counter-guerrilla was affiliated with the General Staff.s department of war, which recently came to the agenda in connection with an ongoing search of the Tactical Mobilization Group offices.
Before he was assassinated, Öz had discovered that street skirmishes between rightist and leftist groups were all sponsored by a single source. In January 1978, when terrorist attacks intensified, he said to his wife, Sezen Öz: .Some incidents I am investigating point to high positions within the state. I am becoming afraid, but someone must deal with it.. At the end of his investigation, he drew up a report for the prime minister. .Behind the increasing incidents of violence is the counter-guerrilla, which seeks to destroy hopes for democracy and establish a fascist order,. he said in that report.

Öz.s two-page report contains important notes that may shed light on today.s developments. Two years before the 1980 coup, Öz realized that the street skirmishes, which seemed to be simple acts of violence, were in fact intended to lead to an overthrow of the government. .Our continuing investigation and work have shown that the acts of violence which at first glance seemed to threaten security of life and property and which continue also during the term of the new government cannot simply be described as acts by anarchists. What is happening in reality is the destruction of the hopes of the Ecevit government to ensure a fully functioning democracy in the country as well as to introduce a fully fledged fascist order,. he said in his report.

Touching on the international ties of Gladio, Öz said the counter-guerrilla was being managed by the CIA and the Iranian and Israeli secret services. .These organizations want to transform the state apparatus into a structure suitable for this purposes and bring anti-democratic movements to office,. he said.

According to Öz.s report, the clandestine network is trying to reach masses by conducting its work inside political parties, nationalist trade unions, some employers. unions, artisans. associations and student unions that belonged to the idealists (Ülkücü), an ultranationalist group, of the time.

.The military and civilian security forces are also part of this,. Öz said. .The counter-guerrilla is affiliated with the General Staff department of war. Counter-guerrilla activities are being conducted by the military recruitment offices that deal with mobilization affairs in provinces and districts.

Noncommissioned officers who receive training are being used. As for civilian security forces, National Intelligence Organization [M.T] officials are being used. The Nationalist Movement Party [MHP] and its members on the political platform are training both groups to fight against guerrillas, provided with ideological training and taught about how to mobilize ordinary people,. he said.

Prosecutor Öz also noted that assassinations and acts of violence and anarchy that occurred before 1980 should be seen in this framework, and proceeded to caution about an impending military coup. .The plan is to present some leftist movements as the real target, confuse the populace and call for martial law, then take office through elections or, if this is not possible, through a coup before moving to destroy democracy and make exploitation of the people the only choice..

30 December 2009, Wednesday


Zaman: .Third search at cosmic rooms,. the daily said in the headline of its main story yesterday, reporting that an investigation into a recently discovered assassination plot against Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Ar.nç deepened on Monday with the continuation of searches at the Tactical Mobilization Group, where two military officers who were caught around Ar.nç.s house are stationed. The prosecutors who examined the documents at two top-secret rooms took note of everything because they are not allowed to take anything out of the rooms.

Sabah: .Shocking development: records deleted,. the headline of the daily.s top story read yesterday, reporting that records in the computers of two military officers who were in the vicinity of Ar.nç.s house and were allegedly plotting to assassinate him were deleted. Citing criminal records, the daily said the hard discs of the generals. computers were formatted several times. The officers were detained on Dec. 25 after initial searches at the Tactical Mobilization Group, a unit under the General Staff.s Special Forces Command.

Taraf: .Don.t forget Aldo Moro,. was the daily.s lead story headline yesterday, quoting remarks from Ar.nç, who was the target of a recently discovered assassination plot. Making mention of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, who was killed by the Italian Gladio in 1978, he said the Turkish Gladio might choose to get rid of politicians like him in order to survive. .The government led 55 mafia organizations to collapse; it is as if we stirred up a hornet.s nest,. Ar.nç said.

30 December 2009, Wednesday


Interestingly many European courts have indicted American military personnel for engaging in terrorism on European soil; Switzerland.s Daniele Ganser published an entire investigation on .Operation Gladio. . NATO.s undercover stay behind terrorism.

Wonder if James Corum here also handed over any files of suspected American NATO Gladio terrorist operatives to European police forces.

.David Carrett, officer of the U.S. Navy, was indicted by Italian magistrate Guido Salvini on charge of political and military espionage and his participation to the 1969 Piazza Fontana bombing, among other events. .

.1969 Piazza Fontana bombing, which started Italy.s anni di piombo, and the 1974 .Italicus Expressen. train bombing were also attributed to NATO Gladio operatives.

In 1975, Stefano Delle Chiaie met with Pinochet during Franco.s funeral in Madrid, and would participate afterward in operation Condor, preparing for example the attempted murder of Bernardo Leighton, a Chilean Christian Democrat, or participating in the 1980 .Cocaine Coup. of Luis García Meza Tejada in Bolivia.

In 1989, he was arrested in Caracas, Venezuela and extradited to Italy to stand trial for his role in the Piazza Fontana bombing.

.The December 1969 explosion was supposed to be the detonator which would have convinced the political and military authorities to declare a state of emergency.


The US intelligence failures do not seem limited only to democratic administrations; under the Bush regime the world watched a couple of clowns fly into America.s most important landmarks.

Not a single .22 caliber bullet was fired in self defense by America.s trillion dollar military bureaucracy on that day.

Where were all the F-22 raptors, the shock and awe, the F-16.s, the Patriot Missiles on that day ?

Why was nobody fired from the US military bureaucracy for failing to defend America.s most important landmarks ? The US taxpayers invested a trillion dollars on these military clowns- where was the return on investment on that day ?

The fact of the matter is that the trillion dollar Pentagon bureaucracy is bankrupting all of America; they are useless . if it were a private company they would have been bankrupt and fired a long time ago.

America needs to drastically reduce its wasteful Pentagon bureaucracy; fire 95% of all these clowns and send every American taxpayer a U$ 30,000 cash refund check from the savings.

.US Intelligence., was this intended as an oxymoron?

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