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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Gladio Ergenekon connections NEWS

Wayne Madsen AGAIN throws everything together, connects the dots, even if they are not directly related.

But in the world of murder-spooks everything is allowed.

And, on its own, all things he mentions are revelations.

Judge's order to seize COSMIC documents sends Turkey's *Deep State* into
Online Journal
The documents seized by prosecutors and police may also show that the
CIA's *Gladio* networks, so-called *stay behind networks* established in
NATO and ...

Judge.s order to seize COSMIC documents sends Turkey.s .Deep State. into crisis
By Wayne Madsen
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Jan 7, 2010, 00:17

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(WMR) -- Turkey.s .Deep State. of military, intelligence, and law enforcement officers, linked to the CIA and Israel.s Mossad through the Ergenekon network of spies and .false flag. operatives, has been shaken over the decision of Ankara Judge Kadir Kayan to order NATO COSMIC Top Secret rooms at the Turkish Special Forces Command.s Tactical Mobilization Group in Ankara to be searched by civilian prosecutors and police.

.COSMIC. is a NATO classification and the investigation of the shadowy Ergenekon network has turned up evidence that COSMIC documents may contain proof that Turkey.s Special Operations forces were planning to assassinate top Turkish political leaders, including Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc.

There are also reports that the Turkish military, with the support of the United States and Israel, was planning a military coup against President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoÄ.an. The Turkish leaders have been highly critical of Israel.s bloody invasion of Gaza, code named .Cast Lead,. and Washington.s call for increased sanctions on Iran.

The documents seized by prosecutors and police may also show that the CIA.s .Gladio. networks, so-called .stay behind networks. established in NATO and neutral countries during the Cold War to coordinate sabotage in the event of a Soviet invasion and occupation, may have continued in Turkey and serves as the core component of Ergenekon.

Some of the seized NATO COSMIC Top Secret documents involve the operations of Gendarmarie Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Organization (JITEM), which was composed of Turkish special operations forces and police who carried out assassinations of academics, Kurdish politicians, and even fellow military personnel in terrorist attacks that were blamed on the Kurdish Workers. Party (PKK), deemed a .terrorist. organization by Turkey and the United States.

The documents may also reveal the involvement of the CIA, as well as top Turkish military and MIT intelligence personnel in the 1978 assassination of Turkish prosecutor Dogan Oz. Oz was the first prosecutor to investigate the CIA.s Gladio operations in Turkey. Since the investigation of the NATO COSMIC Top Secret documents began, prosecutor Mustafa Bilgili and Judge Kayan have received death threats.

WMR has also learned that some of the COSMIC Top Secret documents seized in Turkey point to an American .Deep State. Pentagon counterpart to the Turkish Ergenekon network. Former FBI Turkish translator Sibel Edmonds spoke of this network being uncovered by wiretaps of U.S. political leaders and Turkish lobbyists in the United States.

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