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Saturday, April 10, 2010

WTC pictures - Reminder! - USA's Reichstag burning

WTC 3, the Marriot Hotel in happier days.

Bill Biggert's shot of wreckage from the disintegrating South Tower tumbling onto WTC 3.

Biggert's next shot after the collapse of the South Tower, shows the tremendous damage the building sustained during the collapse of that structure.

After the North Tower collapse only part of the bottom three stories of WTC3 remained, the lobby stayed intact with pictures still hanging on the wall.

The total disappearance of the top nineteen floors of WTC 3 and all except the north wing of WTC 4, the holes in WTC 5, and the massive hole that went right thru to the sub basements of WTC 6 visible in the above pic

VERY strange round holes in window glass...
closeup look:

Which secret weapon can pulverize building into such a huge extent of fine dust?

Pulverization of 99% of concrete into ultra-fine dust particles that moved upward, steel particles moved downward.

• Nearly 2,000 missing people, presumably vaporized.

• Missing debris from two-thirds of the Towers.

• Partially vaporized steel beams from WTC 7.

• 50-ton corner beams from WTC 1 and 2 flung upward and across streets to pierce neighboring buildings nearly 400 feet away.

If fissionless mini nukes were used, radiation would be nil. But whether fission or fissionless types were used, they also were now “directable,” so the effects would be confined inside the Towers and WTC 7—and away from damaging the “bathtub” under WTC 1 and 2


Proof that the planes were a hologram

Holography is the explaination.

UA175 - WTC - Hologramme Ghostplane

Holographic image projected by laser


911 jetliners were imaginary?

Amputee wings - ua175 impact videos

9/11 Octopus

September Clues

Read this blog-post by 9/11 researcher Killtown:

Nose Out - holography projection screen revealed

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