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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Some FUN -- google museum - NIGERIA - Chainsaw Bird

google art project  (YES we are able to visit the museums!!)  << how it was made

Mother nature has the best surprise... attenborogh bird song


Nigeria spam? 
419 scammers baited into sending security video by 419Eater scambaiter
Scrooge McDuck, this is pretty old but a truly awesome video that i
recently found on my PC which needs to be shared..... Enjoy
This works on so many levels. The angst, the joy, the purity of the
emotions captured in these scammers. Genius. Bravo.

BLOODY HISTORY  (tower of London)

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Crazy animal:
pygmy jerboa  (MOUSE)  british empire EXPLAINED

There are 6 different CLASSES of british passport holders. Some have no rights..
What a f...ed-up country!   See how your country ranks... if it PAYS FOR ITSELF
or lives off the back of other countries:

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