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Sunday, November 29, 2009

ISRAEL USA war drums -- Obama Bloodletting

Warnings of war - Haaretz - Israel News


Israel has nuclear weapons, says a senior American general and former
chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In his new memoir, "Eyes on the
Horizon," U.S. Air Force officer Richard Myers describes the
tempestuous years before and after the September 11 terror attacks. He
offers a succinct description of Israel: "nuclear-armed." Unlike the
Israel Defense Forces chief of staff, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs
is not a commanding officer. He advises the president and the
secretary of defense, coordinates between the chiefs of staff of the
branches of the military, and commands only the joint headquarters as
well as the National Defense University and its journal, the Joint
Force Quarterly.
In the latest issue of that journal, which is scheduled for
publication early next year, a lecturer on strategy at the U.S. Air
Force Academy, Brent Talbot, explains why Israel is capable of
attacking Iran's nuclear network, even though at first glance such an
operation does not appear reasonable or practical.

Talbot reports that on June 14, he visited the director of Military
Intelligence, Major General Amos Yadlin, in his office and interviewed
him. "He confirmed that Iranian nuclear efforts are Israel's number
one security concern at present and that Iran is considered a much
greater threat than Hezbollah or Hamas, both of whom have recently
been dealt with, and both of whom Israel feels have been deterred from
further attacks in the near term. He believes Israel is capable of
dealing with these border threats even if Iran should increase its
arms supplies and encouragement to harm Israel.
"Though he made no mention of any plans to attack Iran, one must
consider that Iran is the only remaining existential threat to the
state of Israel, that reelected Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
has called upon Muslim leaders to wipe Israel off the map, [NOT TRUE - IT WAS HAPPILY MISTRANSLATED AND IS PART OF OUR PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT EVER SINCE] and that
Israel, a state always focused on its security first and foremost, has
planned and trained for missions requiring the scale and distance to
successfully attack nuclear sites in Iran. Bearing this in mind, one
must consider that such an attack could be forthcoming, and if so, the
United States and its coalition partners should immediately plan for
the aftermath," states Talbot.


As far as is known - and we don't know what Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu said to U.S. President Barack Obama so that he would not
later claim to have been taken by surprise - no great disparity exists
between the overt and the covert. The country's leaders are not lying
when they declare that no decision has been made.
But in another sense, an Israel-Iran war is already under way. After
the Yom Kippur surprise in 1973, American intelligence honed the
distinction between "war" and "attack." The CIA evaluators assumed
responsibility for warning of a pending war, but not an attack. A
warning about a war is defined as "the communication of intelligence
judgments to national policymakers that a state or alliance intends
war, or is on a course that substantially increases the risks of war
and is taking steps to prepare for war." A warning of an attack,
deriving from a warning about war, entails "the communication of an
intelligence judgment to national policymakers that an adversary is
not only preparing its armed forces for war, but also intends to
launch an attack in the near future."
The Central Intelligence Agency declined to commit to a warning of the
second kind. The trouble is that Tehran understands this, and might
want to strike before Israel does.


From Israel's point of view, Iran's
gradual nuclearization is a warning of war but not yet a warning of an
attack; from Iran's point of view, the declared Israeli intention -
which is sometimes also practiced openly - of preventing its
nuclearization is the warning of war. This is an incentive for the
Iranians to launch a preemptive strike on Israel through Hamas or
This is probably what Major General Yadlin was getting at in his
remarks about deterrence in the wake of the Second Lebanon War and
Operation Cast Lead.

This subject was also a focal point of last week's talks between a
NATO delegation and the Foreign Ministry, the defense establishment
and members of the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee .
The delegation was led by NATO's deputy secretary general, Claudio
The main reason for the visit was to sign the 2010 cooperation plan
between Israel and NATO, which among other things, called for
dispatching an Israel Navy missile boat to take part in the alliance's
"Active Endeavor" Mediterranean patrolling operation
But the NATO personnel wanted to know how to deter terrorism and
wondered if Israel had second thoughts about whether it had used
excessive firepower on Beirut, southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

GLADIO news Turkey - HOLLYWOOD pacification of the masses

Is this opium for the people? False Flag attacks are exucusable?
Killing innocent civilians in Istanbul and blaming it on Arab terror?
Is synthetic terror just another tactic or a massacre that must be prosecuted in order NOT to drive a nation mad?

This article answers many questions!

[3~Thank you for the lucid review of this film!

What's the pen-name of the author?

VERY good english and VERY easy to read and a great summary!

The chronicles of a Turkish special agent
Over the weekend I went to see the newest sequel in the .Valley of the Wolves. franchise.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009 14:4

The minute my friend and I stepped into the theater, we realized that we were the only women in the audience. The testosterone levels manifesting in the form of guffaws and sweat in the crowded theater made us think twice as to whether we should just go back home and perhaps wait for the DVD release of .Valley of the Wolves: Gladio.. The men folk were gazing at us with curious eyes, probably wondering themselves what we were doing there; after all, we only very remotely resemble avid fans of the rating monster TV show the movie is based on. That infamous show, which delves into political conspiracy theories, has formed into the main hub for many young nationalist Turkish men nestled in the comfort of homogenous cultural values, who are more than ready to believe that foreign powers and local sellouts want to divide the country.
Watching .Gladio. and all other cinematic clones, one would primarily wonder, is Turkey so high up on the list of political global power threats that keeping it weak and provoking more internal conflict is the primary way to keep it on a leash? Even if it were as such, what.s the point of inflicting a culture of paranoia, fear and retaliatory violence?

If the makers of .Gladio. provided a stronger script and a coherent story line that made sense instead of a jumble of enigmatic political conspiracies, then perhaps it would have been easier to analyze the film as a work providing a distinctive perspective of current affairs; however, the only thing that seems consistent in the movie is the Bruce Willis attitude of its main character, who feels that offing anyone in his way is legit.

The film starts in a courtroom, where special agent .skender Büyük (Musa Uzunlar) -- a name that basically alludes to Alexander the Great -- is on trial for treason. It.s not an easy thing to put .skender on the stand -- he shouts at the judges, gets rid of all his publicly appointed lawyers and constantly bellows that no one is as patriotic as he is. Oh, he.s a hero that we all want to be, taking none of it and talking back like he.s an Olympic god. He starts to tell his story about how he was deceived by his superiors: He was a good soldier, so back when he was young he was recruited by the Turkish division of Gladio, an international paramilitary organization first founded by the NATO states in order to prevent Soviet communism from spreading throughout Europe. Sure, .skender thinks he.s being a good patriot for his country, as he is sent to covert operations to stop the Kurdistan Workers. Party (PKK) in the .90s, only later to realize that his superior Fuat Aras (Mehmet Aras, who looks like Professor Xavier from .X-Men.) is working for people who have other plans for Turkey. It.s a bit too late when he notices this small fact -- he.s already assassinated President Turgut Özal, since he was told that Özal was also trying to divide the country.

Now things get even more muddled up, as we have a hard time deciphering who.s working for who, what this Gladio organization is really after and what the agenda of the Turkish military is. The film refuses to take any political side, but seems to very well take advantage of the current political situation by transforming .skender into the simplistic representation of the current Ergenekon trials. Every piece of information given throughout the film is so cryptic that the viewer has a hard time following the plot.

The only consistent element of the film is .skender, who is so comfortable in his gung-ho tough guy mode that he can personally confront the president and shout at him in public, physically abuse military generals or simply anyone he feels he should talk to.

Of course, let.s not forget the supremely shot action scenes in which .skender jumps around like a gazelle and uses his weapons like a ninja. This man knows no bounds, his sole mission is to protect his country, he.s a hero, and if it wasn.t for him, how would all the other young boisterous men in our country feel safe? An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

.Valley of the Wolves: Gladio. is a perfect cinematic package -- probably millions of Turkish lira were spent on the production. Throughout its 90-minute run it provides all the visceral sensations to verify the paranoid mind.s political delusions without providing an ounce of logical sense. All we can understand is: There are people out there who want political power, we don.t know who they are and what going to do. But wait a minute; at least we have the right to unleash our brutal instincts on anyone who doesn.t agree with us. Don.t you feel better already?

Todays Zaman

Sunday, November 22, 2009


They were really going to see off the AK Party
The Taraf daily has dropped yet another bombshell. The details of the allegations which can be found in the pages of the paper are blood curdling.
If the report is correct, then the naked truth is this: Someone or some people were determined to see off the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), and they were willing to risk everything to do it. Out of all the allegations put forward up until now, the new allegation deserves to be taken the most seriously. It.s even more important than the original of the document that features Col. Dursun Çiçek.s original signature. In the document prepared by Çiçek, which was published in Taraf on June 12, the preferred strategy to be used against the AK Party government was psychological warfare and propaganda. But the document published last week mentions killings, assassinations and bombs. It talks about malicious plans that would startle Western allies and lead to a besieging of the AK Party from outside. It lists .operations. that would be carried out against non-Muslim minority groups. I did not choose the word operation randomly but intentionally, for assassinations such as that of Hrant Dink and Father Andrea Santoro were mentioned in that way by the junta. People assumed that these killings were not ordinary incidents, thereby making it obvious that they were in fact .operations..

When we look at all that has been put forward we feel the need to say .God protected this country and made the gangs fall into their own traps.. We need to give them due credit since they prepared full-fledged projects. Inside the country they are accusing the government of .offering the country to the imperialist West as a gift.. Outside, they are forging a .religious party that is changing the country.. theme for the AK Party. Recall the reports about .missionaries running wild everywhere.

They are accusing the party of being a focus against secularism and surrendering the country to missionaries, and they shamelessly keep repeating this conflicting attitude. We also learned that they were lending a hand to non-Muslims by setting up Web sites such as and While on the one hand crying, .Oh nation, hurry, our religion is being lost,. on the other hand they were calling out to the Christian world, . The AK Party is having your co-religionists killed, what are you waiting for?. It wasn.t for just any reason that people who had never been inside a mosque before started drawing attention to a threat from missionaries by appearing on one television station after another.

Just as in the scenario of Sept. 6-7, 1955, when rumors that the Greeks in .stanbul had collected money to send to the Enosis gangs in Cyprus were exacerbated by the bombing of Atatürk.s house, some unwanted incidents followed. Years later, it was understood that the entire process, particularly the bombing, was a full-fledged Gladio operation. Sabri, who had worked at the Mobilization Research Committee when the incidents of Sept. 6-7 broke out, and who served as secretary-general of the National Security Council (MGK) between 1988 and 1990, speaking to the Aksiyon weekly in 2001, said: .The incidents of Sept. 6-7 are the work of the Special Warfare Department. It was a perfect organization, and it achieved its ends.. It should be noted that the ruling Democrat Party (DP) was punished by the military authority at the Yass.ada trials because of this provocation.

The AK Party and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip, I guess, would agree with me with respect to this feeling of .it was close.. Actually, I think nothing has passed. The determination and daring of these people is proof that they will not quit so easily. What worries me most is that these disclosures may serve not as a deterrent, but as a catalyst. How? If not punished, disclosure may bring about encouragement. What they do may come to be regarded as normal or ordinary, if not legal. And if they start to assume the .this is our duty. stance as legal advisor to the General Staff H.fz. Çubuklu did after the second whistleblower.s letter, it may become impossible to curb the pro-coup people. May God continue to foil their plots. Our eyes are on those who can do more.



hair-raising stories.

Guess what is going on in IRAQ?

Who plants the bombs?

if you understand this, please leave a comment:

Friday, November 20, 2009

9/11 belongs to the right-wingers !!!

Perhaps we should be concerned about Charles Krauthammer. He's been awfully stressed-out since the last election, and this week's decision by Attorney General Eric Holder to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in New York has him in a bit of a state ...

For late-19th-century anarchists, terrorism was the "propaganda of the deed." And the most successful propaganda-by-deed in history was 9/11 -- not just the most destructive, but the most spectacular and telegenic.

And now its self-proclaimed architect, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, has been given by the Obama administration a civilian trial in New York. Just as the memory fades, 9/11 has been granted a second life -- and KSM, a second act: "9/11, The Director's Cut," narration by KSM.

Smell a bit of jealousy here? Krauthammer and Mohammed share a similar interest: instilling a profound dread of Islamic fundamentalism in the hearts of the American public -- the world public. Krauthammer's owned 9/11 for 8 years, and he'll have the final cut, not the damn director!

September 11, 2001 had to speak for itself ...

Right, the Bush bunch and all those right-wing bloggers never spoke on that day's behalf.

A decade later, the deed will be given voice. KSM has gratuitously been presented with the greatest propaganda platform imaginable -- a civilian trial in the media capital of the world -- from which to proclaim the glory of jihad and the criminality of infidel America.

We've seen terror trials. Judges have been pretty about not allowing the defendants to use them as a megaphone to promote their worldviews.

But setting aside reality for a moment -- and you have to in order to really soak in a good Krauthammer column -- I'm going to ask you to forget about politics and consider just what in the world might KSM say at that trial that has right-wingers cowering under their beds? Do you think he could -- gasp! -- accuse the U.S. of being craven imperialists? Of supporting Israeli "genocide" against the Palestinians? Might he dare suggest that we're waging a war on Islam? That we're trying to impose our decadent values on the rest of the world? My God, do you think he could accuse us of having some sort of interest in Middle East oil?!?

If KSM were permitted to utter these shocking allegations, would they come as a surprise to anyone? Is the danger here that nobody in the Muslim world has ever heard of such outlandish ideas before? Will ordinary Muslim men and women, hearing Mohammed's suggestion that America might be the Great Satan for the first time on some Al Jazeera broadcast suddenly drop whatever they're doing and strike out against the infidels?

I mean, seriously? If you're not already predisposed to al Qaeda's message (which one assumes is widely available), would you really give what Mohammed says during testimony a lot of credence (again, in the unlikely case they let him ramble)? Is he that articulate? Are we trying the scruffy dude who says he chopped off Daniel Pearl's head or Noam Chomsky here?

Whatever the risk, for Krauthammer it's just not worth it...

So why is Attorney General Eric Holder doing this? Ostensibly, to demonstrate to the world the superiority of our system, where the rule of law and the fair trial reign.

This is a really interesting construct. The rule of law is of course highly uneven around the world. But our allies in the West have had a string of successes breaking up terror rings and trying suspects without undermining their own laws. So this graph might more accurately be rendered thusly:

So why is Attorney General Eric Holder doing this? Ostensibly, to demonstrate to the world that our system is back up to international standards, after an era in which we kicked the rule of law in the groin like the damn Soviets at their worst.

Now here, as is often the case, Krauthammer distinguishes himself from the sweatiest right-wing bloggers in the dankest suburban basements by being at least half-right:

Really? What happens if KSM (and his co-defendants) "do not get convicted," asked Senate Judiciary Committee member Herb Kohl. "Failure is not an option," replied Holder. Not an option? Doesn't the presumption of innocence, er, presume that prosecutorial failure -- acquittal, hung jury -- is an option? By undermining that presumption, Holder is undermining the fairness of the trial, the demonstration of which is the alleged rationale for putting on this show in the first place.

Moreover, everyone knows that whatever the outcome of the trial, KSM will never walk free. He will spend the rest of his natural life in U.S. custody. Which makes the proceedings a farcical show trial from the very beginning.

That last bit is true, to a degree. And to his credit, Krauthammer rightly calls out Holder later in the column for hypocritically favoring military tribunals for some detainees but not others.

But there are farces and there are farces. Holder's farce is having a multi-tiered justice system -- hey'll try those that he knows they can convict in a real court, and others will get show-trials in a kangaroo court called a "military commission." But with Holder's farce, those who actually are tried in a real court will be able to get a real trial. The outcome is predisposed during the selection process.

This is much less clunky, and that little bit of nuance -- the idea that they can maybe get some propaganda value from at least appearing as though they're trying to conform to the rule of law (or doing it whenever possible if you want to be generous) -- is enough to get Krauthammer's panties in a bunch.

Anyway, as he nears the end of the column, Krauthammer, sadly, can't resist a little Keifer Sutherland 24 action ...

Apart from the fact that any such trial will be a security nightmare and a terror threat to New York -- what better propaganda-by-deed than blowing up the courtroom, making KSM a martyr and turning the judge, jury and spectators into fresh victims? -- it will endanger U.S. security. Civilian courts with broad rights of cross-examination and discovery give terrorists access to crucial information about intelligence sources and methods.

Yeah, we spend a gazillion dollars on intelligence services, law enforcement, homeland security and on and on so we can live in a modern state with a functional judiciary that has the capacity to handle the trials of even scary people.

Anyway, while I can see Krauthammer sharing a common interest with KSM in keeping us awake with the night terrors, by the end of the column this neocon extraordinaire seems to also, surprisingly, to share an interest in promoting al Qaeda and expanding the ranks of violent Islamic fundamentalists:

An absurdity: By the time Barack Obama came to office, KSM was ready to go before a military commission, plead guilty and be executed. It's Obama who blocked a process that would have yielded the swiftest and most certain justice. Indeed, the perfect justice. Whenever a jihadist volunteers for martyrdom, we should grant his wish.

Grant their wish? Who's side is The Hammer on? It's ironic: in his thirst for blood, he undermines our ability to extract vengeance on Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Because I can guarantee that KSM would be thrilled to die a martyr at the hands of the Americans -- preferably without all that crap we like to tell the world about "fair trials" and "human rights."

And of course the very worst punishment we could mete out would be to make KSM waste away in solitary confinement, being taunted by doughy American prison guards while watching as a great Islamic caliphate doesn't rise up to dominate the world and then finally wasting away and dying, forgotten, hopefully from some debilitating and painful malady.

But that would require -- oh, my -- endangering our children by warehousing these super-terrorists in one of those vulnerable super-max prisons somewhere in the U.S., and neocons like Krauthammer end up lacking the stomach to extract the revenge they so loudly claim to seek.

State Terror in Turkey - CIA MOSSAD

Arı sponsors pro-Ergenekon conference at US Congress

Gareth H. Jenkins, the author of “Between Fact and Fantasy: Turkey’s Ergenekon Investigation,” which many pundits find to be too one-sided, spoke yesterday at a conference in Washington on the Ergenekon trial sponsored by the Ari Foundation.

The Arı Foundation, a civil society organization previously known for its liberal stance and contributions to the normalization of civilian-military relations in Turkey, sponsored a conference on Wednesday at a US Congress office building, criticizing the investigation into Ergenekon, a gang classified by prosecutors as a terrorist organization that attempted to stage a coup against the government.

Ergenekon is known as a terrorist organization in Turkey, suspected of countless atrocities, all committed in the hope of overthrowing the democratically elected Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government, but its supporters are trying to brand the trial of suspected Ergenekon members as the government’s attempt to suppress its opponents.

The Arı Movement, known up till now for its liberal mentality favoring freedoms, may be joining these efforts on an international level, as its affiliated Arı Foundation, based in Washington, D.C., sponsored a discussion on the Ergenekon investigation at the Rayburn House Office Building of the US Congress on Wednesday.

A keynote speaker attending the conference was British journalist Gareth H. Jenkins, the author of a report on Ergenekon titled “Between Fact and Fantasy: Turkey’s Ergenekon Investigation.” Jenkins’ report has been found by many pundits to be too one-sided in its criticism of how the investigation is being handled. On the same day, Jenkins talked at the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute (CACI), part of the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of The Johns Hopkins University at a forum titled “From Rhetoric to Reality: Prospects for Turkey’s Future and the AKP’s Authoritarian Tendencies.”

In his speeches, of which Today’s Zaman had a Turkish translation, Jenkins defended the idea that the US administration should pressure the AK Party regarding Ergenekon. “It’s pretty much like a children’s story; the emperor has no clothes. The investigation has no clothes. The emperor is naked. There is no such organization,” Jenkins said, claiming that Ergenekon was not real.

He said he believed 15 or 20 of the suspects might be guilty of certain crimes. He declared his verdict saying, as translated into Turkish, “Fifty to 60 are ultranationalists, but they have not really committed any crimes. And the rest are completely innocent.”

Jenkins said Turkey has a long history of secret organizations, defined as “deep state” structures and Gladio-like organizations, but said there was no evidence to back the allegation that Ergenekon was part of the “deep state.” He said most of the perpetrators of thousands of killings -- organized by an illegal and secret organization inside the gendarmerie known as JİTEM -- of Kurds in the Southeast in the 1990s have not been apprehended as part of the Ergenekon investigation.

In both of his presentations, Jenkins stated that the indictments against the Ergenekon suspects were poorly drafted; adding his opinion that the evidence presented was inadequate. He said for this reason, Turkey had missed the opportunity to have its own “clean-hands,” the name of an extensive corruption operation into the remnants of the Gladio in Italy carried out in the 1990s.

He also expressed the opinion that it is not Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s government that is the driving force behind the trial, but the Gülen movement. He also criticized the Zaman and Taraf newspapers, which have provided extensive coverage of plots against democracy. Jenkins claimed that the “main factor” in the Ergenekon investigation was to “damage the reputation of the government’s opponents.”

During the conference held at SAIS, the institute’s research director, Svante Cornell, raised the question of what the US could do to reverse the situation in the Ergenekon case. In response to this question, Jenkins said the US administration openly criticizing the Ergenekon trial could be “twisted” and lead to new conspiracy theories, suggesting that the best way to talk to the Turkish government was behind closed doors, and not directly to Erdoğan -- who he said, according to what was translated into Turkish, is a “short tempered” character -- but to others who are more likely to listen.

Dr. Cornell also spoke at the SAIS meeting. In his speech, he said there was no system of checks and balances in Turkey to prevent the AK Party from developing authoritarian tendencies.

Jenkins said he was deeply worried about the future of democracy in Turkey.

20 November 2009, Friday


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Israel LAND GRAB inside story

ice map

Obama "dismay" not "condemn" .. Israel can live with that.

The inside story:

Brothers seek to develop Jerusalem-Bethlehem land
Daniel Cohen: They're trying to force us into a political game that doesn’t interest us at all.
Chen Shalita12 Nov 09 17:32
"Globes" reveals the next real estate development that could ignite the region. Two little-known businessmen, brothers Benjamin and Daniel Cohen, have, over the past 26 years, bought thousands of acres of land along the border of Jerusalem and Bethlehem. In a few months, they will file a building plan for the area known, as Givat Yael, to the Jerusalem Regional Planning and Building Commission. Construction in this area means expanding the borders of greater Jerusalem.
Daniel Cohen is a member of the Hapoel Jerusalem Football Club management committee and a jeweler. He decided to disclose the plan to "Globes", for the first time, partly in order to divert attention from his man in the field, Meir Davidson, a former activist in Ateret Cohanim, the non-profit organization that buys up properties in East Jerusalem. Cohen said that the land was bought using money from a family inheritance. "There is no money from the NPO involved, nor from any tycoon with a political interest," he said.

The Cohens are collaborating with Kim Lustigman Development and Building Ltd., which is a strategic partner in the project to build 12,000 housing units on the hill. Part of the area is in the jurisdiction of the Jerusalem Municipality, and part is in Judea and Samaria. Daniel Cohen considers the land purchased as the last remaining land reserves for construction in Jerusalem in the aftermath of the collapse of the Safdie plan for western Jerusalem. He believes that he will be able to get the land rezoned from its current designation as open space.
"We believe that 20,000 housing units will be needed in Jerusalem over the next ten years," says Cohen. "I'm not a megalomaniac, I don’t imagine that we'll build everything. We'll get 1,000 housing units approved initially, and then we'll see. This is a modular plan. We're not now working on the area in Judea and Samaria."
The developers do not deny that the project is supported by the Ministry of Interior and the Jerusalem Municipality, which are working behind the scenes to get the project approved. Cohen declines to comment on the political ramifications of building in the area. "They're trying to force us into a political game that doesn’t interest us at all," he says.
"I'm purely a businessman, and I'm not ashamed to say that what interests me is to make a profit on the money here. For 26 years, my brother and I have been eating dirt here, and I'll be happy if this finally turns us into wealthy men."
Published by Globes [online], Israel business news

“… who is in charge of the language here?”
By Paul Woodward, War in Context, November 18, 2009

fter Israeli officials flatly refused a US request to block the approval for the construction of 900 new housing units in occupied East Jerusalem, the Obama administration “lashed out” (CBS) with “anger” (New York Times) and “sharply criticized” (Wall Street Journal) Israel’s decision.

The White House unleashed a shocking display of… “dismay.”

We are dismayed at the Jerusalem Planning Committee’s decision to move forward on the approval process for the expansion of Gilo in Jerusalem.

Thankfully, AP’s Matt Lee wasn’t as obliging as some of his colleagues in their efforts to pump vigor into a pathetic statement.

Challenging State Department spokesman Ian Kelly, Lee asked:

You can’t come up with anything stronger than “dismaying”? I mean, this flies in the face of everything you’ve been talking about for months and months and months.

Kelly: It’s dismaying.

Lee: Yeah, you can’t offer a condemnation of it or anything like that? (Laughter.) I mean, who is in charge of the language here?

On the other side of the Atlantic, Britain’s Foreign Office was a tad more forthright if not quite fiery: “this decision is wrong and we oppose it.”

That kind of language is apparently too strong for this White House. In fact, having originally put out a statement referring to planned “Settlement Expansion in Jerusalem”, the mamby pamdys in charge of language in the most powerful executive office in the world decided to retract “settlement expansion” and simply titled it a statement “on Jerusalem”.

So, the Obama administration is “dismayed” by Israel’s behavior.

It may well be that the word was chosen with exquisite care. It’s etymology is all too appropriate:

Middle English dismaien, from Anglo-Norman *desmaiier : probably de-, intensive pref.; see de- + Old French esmaier, to frighten (from Vulgar Latin *exmagāre, to deprive of power : Latin ex-, ex- + Germanic *magan, to be able to).

The White House could have said:

Prime Minister Netanyahu. You have exposed our impotence. Alas, we have no power.

Should anyone be dismayed at the White House’s language?

Only if you’ve been ignoring the news for the last few months and still imagine that Obama’s speech in Cairo was genuinely a highlight of his presidency.

A spokeswoman for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said: “This decision will undermine efforts for peace and cast doubt on the viability of the two-state solution."

Saturday, November 14, 2009

CIA KGB Nuke Pakistan India

Perceptive Article... worth reading
(while ignoring the nationalist pakistani slant)

Barack Hussein Obama in June, 2009 while visiting Cairo revealed, " I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect; and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles â€" principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings."

Let me say from the out set that American administrations probably failed to implement their president's idea of improving relations with Muslim World. Israel and Indian lobbies present in both houses of the congress whenever got chance have manipulated and triggered their anti Muslim agenda.

It is mentionable here that Jewish and Indian influence on western and American media is quite visible. New Delhi and Tel Aviv do provide money to the leading journalists of the world for defaming Muslims community and creating space between Christens and Muslim community too. Every second writer of the international media is busy in cooking stories against Muslim world. The main themes of these stories keep on revolving around Islamic extremism, Nuke programme of Pakistan and Iran. In fact, the efforts of getting close to Islamic world made by Obama have been multiplied by zero by his own media, and intelligence agencies. Recently, on November 09, 2005 a United States based journalist Seymour Hersh prepared a report about Pakistan Nuke Programme and published in the latest issue of "The New Yorker magazine". Summary of the report is that there is an agreement between Islamabad and Washington by which Pakistan would allow specially trained American units to provide added security for the Pakistani arsenals in case of any crisis. He also quoted various former and present high officials for providing sensitive information to him. Mr. Hersh has constructed his story on the bases of assumptions with preconceived ideas against Pakistan Nukes. Former Armey Chief General (Retired) Mirza Aslam Baig commented in a private electronic channel that Hersh report is a part of psychological warfare and malicious propaganda against our nuke programme which was launched by anti Pakistan lobby.

It is worth mentioning here that Mr. Hersh is famous for crafting baseless stories by referring anonymous high officials, clipping and connecting unsubstantiated information. In 2005 , Hersh too alleged that the US and Pakistan has concluded "Khan-for-Iran" agreement in which Washington will look the other way at Pakistan's nuclear transgressions and not demand handing over of its nuclear A Q Khan, in return for Islamabad's cooperation in neutralising Iran's nuclear plans. At that time also, USA and Pakistan officials denied the report and called it a "rubbish" .He further claimed that USA was conducting covert operations in Iran to identify targets for possible strikes. However both the governments again dismissed his report.

On November 10, 2009, the army top brass and Pakistani foreign office reacted and termed the Hersh's report as absurd and plainly mischievous. According to ISPR, General Tariq Majeed, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) and Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani very rightly said that Pakistan is capable of safeguarding its nuclear assets and will not share sensitive information with anyone. He stressed that Pakistan has a very effective nuclear security regime, which incorporates stringent custodial and access controls.

On November 13, 2009 the leading American newspaper "Washington Post "and Indian media, published a story with the title "A nuclear power's act of proliferation". The said report revealed that sometime in the early 1980s, China provided Pakistan with nuclear know-how and materials to enable it to make the bomb. Pakistan foreign office spokesman Mr. Abdul Basit and Chinese official declared American report as self generated and baseless propaganda against Pakistan and China nuclear co-operation. It is well-known fact that Pakistan and china have very strong ties and co-operate with each other in every field while abiding by the international laws.

American so called 'non-proliferation pundits yelp like dogs when talking about proliferation by Iran , North Korea and Pakistan but sound like mice when it comes to proliferation by Israel, India and USA. The Americans media deliberately quite over Tel Aviv and Indian nuclear weapons designs, fissile material, USA based companies' Involvement in sensitive electronic spares smuggling to India, murder of nuke staff and disappearance of uranium loaded Indian ship. They have intentionally turned a blind eye to Indian's activities in relation to nuke programme. Over the past decade, Russia has provided India with plutonium reactors and reprocessing technology which enable her in making ballistic and cruise missiles. These missiles have been deployed against China and Pakistan.

Interestingly, KGB and CIA though remained dagger drawn with each other on the nuke issue but never tried to unearth the Indian â€" Israel nuke capability in detail. But after disintegration of USSR, India has fallen into American lap, which led to new cold war between Russia and USA.

Russia, China, Pakistan and other regional countries have also genuinely shown concern over the recent US-Indo Nuclear Deal. Some how Pakistan always remained an important player of great game but presence of American troops in the region have further amplified the worries of regional countries. CIA and KGB with their allied intelligence agencies have too started their covert operation against each other. That is the reason that some American media also pointed out in the past that some KGB agents present in pentagon released American documents on internet. In May and June 2009 Indian famous nuke scientist Lokanathan Mahalingam and Mr. Ravi a staff member of Kaiga Atomic Power Station have been abducted and murdered mysteriously. Reportedly, the kidnapped scientist was having connection with Russia. It is also a known fact that Indian nuke programme have been launched with help of former USSR. Indian nuke scientists quite often used to visit Russia and KGB. The American and western investigators' journalists failed to found that whether CIA abducted him to obtain the information about Indian and Russian nuke capabilities or RAW picked him up on their master's direction and threw his dead body in the river. Similarly American media never raised questions about 152 theft cases of uranium which were reported and registered with Indian police since 1984.

Some of Western and American journalists are on the pay role of Indian intelligence and are being paid by Jew's lobby to foment hateful propaganda against Muslim world. There is a perception that CIA has its own agenda and is working against Obam's policies of reviving relations with Muslim world. American intelligence set up is supporting Indian, Israeli and Afghan intelligence agency in spreading terrorism in Pakistan. They are using local Taliban and providing them weapons, medical equipments, money and instruments. According to Indian and Pakistani leading newspapers "Triple III agency (Indo-Israel Intelligence Agency)" is involved in targeting military, sensitive and civilian insinuations.

It is worth mentioning here that CIA and its allied agencies are aware of the fact, that Pakistan security forces, and intelligence agencies are true custodian of national integrity, nuclear assets and boundaries of Pakistan. They are strong enough to meet challenges and defeat foreign sponsored militancy. The ongoing operation "Rah-e-Nijat" or Path to Salvation is successfully progressing .Thus, distracted elements and their foreign masters are targeting innocent civilians and important sensitive institutions just to put pressure and create harassment in public . Suicidal attacks on public in charsada, Banu police and blast on sensitive institution in Peshawar on November 13, 2009 are part of their given objectives.

On November 11, 2009 Pakistan army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani addressing 123 Corps Commanders' conference said that the militants are incapable of confronting the military operation. They are disillusioned and thus targeting innocent civilians. He reaffirmed to the nation that the public could not be cowed down through such acts of terrorism rather resolve of the nation got further strengthened to eliminate the menace of terrorism in all its forms and manifestation. He time and again expressed that Pakistan security forces are capable enough to fight militancy and do not require any training and help to defend and guard nuke arsenals.

In short, the news published in Washington Post and New Yorker magazine are a classic examples of propaganda against Pakistan Nukes Programme. The Jews paid media launched the stories when Obama is on Japan tour and going to visit Beijing soon. At this occasion, American media and New Delhi have tried to malign China in provision of Uranium to Pakistan. In fact, Indian government has made a made a hopeless attempt to divert global attention from her poor security arrangements at Nuke plants' sites. She also totally failed in stopping nuke proliferation. I would like to suggest Seymour Hersh and his team to dig out the actual causes of murder of Indian senior nuclear scientist, nuke proliferation of India, connection between Berkeley Nucleonic Corporation and Bhaba Atomic Research Center, Israel Nuke capability, Indian brutality against Kashmiries, Maoist, Christians, Killing of innocent passengers of Samjota Express and Sikhs. They should also try to find out Indian nuke capability in the light of atomic scientist K Santhanam, who was associated with India's 1998 nuclear tests, said they were not as successful as claimed. Meaning, the yield of the thermonuclear explosions was actually much below expectations and the tests were perhaps more a fizzle. I would also like to suggest to Obama's administration to have an eye on Indian and Jews lobby those are real hindrance in implementation of his policy of establishing good relation with Muslim world. He has to forgo with the former Bush Policy of keeping the forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, if wants to win the Muslim community of USA. Moreover this the only solution to stop reoccurrence of Texas firing cases. Probably reasons of firing on air base could be suppressing USA Muslim community on the name of war on terror.

Concluding, World community and IAEA are also showing concern over the security of Indian nuke programme and asking India to sign NPT and CTBT for establishing permanent regional peace.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

9/11 prrof for UN still missing

Did GWB Ever Tell the Truth About 9/11?
by Thierry Meyssan*

Thierry Meyssan started the international campaign that questioned the Bush version of the 9/11 attacks eight years ago. Today he recaps the issues for Odnako, a new Russian periodical but not before criticizing the media's tight "iron curtain" around NATO member populations that isolates from the rest of world opinion. Under heavy media pressure, these populations still imagine that only fringe activists contest the official version of 9/11.
Meyssan also points up the gullibility of Westerners who believe the comic strip storyboard about how some 20 extremists could strike at the heart the world's largest military empire.

Historic Event or Local Interest News Item?

On October 7, 2001, the UK and US ambassadors to the United Nations formally notified the Security Council that their armed forces had entered Afghanistan in exercise of their right to self defense as a result of the 9/11 attacks that had thrown America into mourning. US ambassador John Negroponte further wrote in his statement his government had obtained "clear, irrefutable" information that Al Qaeda, an organization supported by the Taliban government of Afghanistan, played a key role in the attacks.

On June 29, 2002, Pres. Bush disclosed in his annual State of the Union address that Iraq, Iran and North Korea covertly supported terrorism and that this "Axis of Evil" had entered into a secret pact to destroy the USA. Of course, these three "rogue states" have been keeping lower profiles since Washington crushed the Taliban, but they had not abandoned their common aim.

JPEG - 17.3 kb
On February 11 2003, State Secretary Colin Powell lied to the "international community" in order to justify the invasion of Iraq. He claimed that Pres. Saddam Hussein was sheltering Al Qaeda leader Abu al Zarkawi and operating a chemical weapons factory.

On February 11 2003, the accusations became more detailed. State Secretary Colin Powell personally told the UN Security how Iraq had supported the perpetrators of 9/11/. After holding up a vial he claimed contained enough anthrax to wipe out an entire continent, he showed a satellite imagery of an Al Qaeda base in northern Iraq that included a chemical weapons facility. He then produced an organization chart to illustrate the terrorist network headed by Abu al Zarkawi in Baghdad. On the strength of this "clear, irrefutable" information, UK and US forces exercised their right to legitimate self-defense in the wake of 9/11 and crossed into Iraq with the support of troops from Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

As ordnance rained down on Baghdad, the 9/11 argument was so useful that the US Congress accused Syria of supporting terrorism on October 15 2003 and authorized Pres. Bush to attack it too if he saw fit. However, Syria was only small change; the real prize was Iran. In July 2004, the president's 9/11 commission published its final report. At the last minute, two pages were added to describe Iran's links to Al Qaeda, claiming that Shia government in Tehran had longstanding ties to Sunni terrorists, allowed them to circulate freely on its territory and had provided them facilities in Sudan. A new war now seemed inevitable and this scenario held the international media in suspense for two years.

The only trouble with all that is that, eight years after 9/11, all the "clear irrefutable proof" of Al Qaeda's responsibility still has not been submitted to the UN Security Council, which has since forgotten about asking for it. In addition, (1) nobody still considers Al Qaeda as a well-structured organization and there is only talk of it as a vague, impalpable "movement" (2) the world's largest military power still hasn't captured Mr. Osama bin Laden, (3) the CIA has disbanded the unit that was supposed to find him, (4) the secret pact binding Iran, Iraq and North Korea plays like a broken record and nobody dares mention the term "Axis of Evil" anymore, (5) Ex-State Secretary Powell has publicly admitted that the information he presented to the Security Council was fabricated and (6) the US leadership still keeps asking Iran and Syria to help to manage the mess in Iraq. Nonetheless, the "diplomatically correct" thing for everyone to do is to pretend that everything is as plain as day: a bearded madman holed up in an Afghan cave managed to strike at the heart of the biggest empire in world history and escape its righteous wrath.

Everyone? Um, not quite. First, the leaders of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea and Syria did not just deny any hand in the 9/11, they explicitly accused the US military industrial complex of perpetrating the events itself and willfully killing 3,000 of its own people. Secondly, after these denials from those directly accused of involvement in 9/11, the next leaders happy to lampoon the Bush version of 9/11 were Cuba, Venezuela and other countries on poor terms with Washington. Finally, there were national leaders who intended to protect their good relationship with the USA but would not just sit back and buy into a pack of lies: if they remained silent about 9/11 itself, they did state that there was no legal basis for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. These countries were as diverse as Malaysia, Russia, the UAE and now even Japan. Clearly, such a list of skeptics should has nothing to do with being pro- or anti-US, but rather with each country's definition of national sovereignty and the means at its disposal to assert it.

JPEG - 11.7 kb
On January 11 3008, the Defense and Foreign Affairs Commission of the Japanese Diet refused to commit more troops to Afghanistan after Councillor Yukihisa Fujita denounced US lies about 9/11.

Journalists are not subject to the same rules of secrecy as diplomats, so we'll tell you what happened on September 11 2001.

Hollywood Blockbuster Budget with a Lame Screenplay

The official story is that a diabolic Islamic extremist called Osama bin Laden had a grudge against US "infidels" for having sullied the sacred soils of Saudi Arabia by littering it with US military bases so he organized a large-scale terrorist operation with insignificant resources consisting of 19 fanatical commandos, some boxcutters and a few flying lessons.

He lives in a well-appointed cave out of a James Bond film. He infiltrates his people into the USA just like in the Chuck Norris film presciently called "Ground Zero".

Four sign up at a flight school. They skip the lessons on take-offs and landings and focus all their attention on actual piloting. Operating in four teams on the agreed day, these fanatics hijack airliners by threatening to slit the throats of the cabin crew with boxcutters.

At 08.29, American Airlines receives a radio message that says the caller is a crewmember on American 11 (Boston/Los Angeles) and that the aircraft has been hijacked. Standard operating procedure is to notify the military immediately and scramble fighters for an intercept within less than eight minutes. But when the World Trade Center suffers the first impact 17 minutes later, the fighters were all still on the ground.

At 08.47, United 175 (Boston/Los Angeles too) turns off its transponder. Civilian radar can now only track it as an unidentified blip. This triggers the alert although air traffic control (ATC) still has no way of knowing whether the dead transponder is due to hijacking or equipment malfunction. When the second impact hits the WTC at 09.07, fighters still have not been scrambled to establish a visual contact.

At 08.46, a Boeing 757 strikes the North Tower of the WTC. It hits the exact center of the façade. Given that the wingspan of a B757 is 63 meters and a speed in excess of 700 kph, the error margin for the maneuver is 3/10ths of a second. Few fighter pilots could repeat that feat, yet we are told that a student pilot did it. The same feat happens again at 09.03 when a second B757 slams into the South Tower, but flying upwind this time.

Still at exactly 09.03, a missile crosses the field of a camera belonging to New York One channel. It was fired from an aircraft behind the smoke on a diagonal trajectory towards the ground. This incongruous footage has not been heard of ever since.

The first witnesses say the two aircraft were cargo planes with no windows. Only later were they re-identified as two regular commercial flights, American11 and United175. There is only one video of the impact but six of the second. Zoom views of the fuselage present no sign of windows.

However, zooms do show a dark, unusual fixture on the underside of each craft. Frame by frame viewing shows, for each aircraft, one flash of light emanating from the point of impact just before actual impact. The aircraft do not crash against the façade but plunge straight in and disappear entirely, with the facade and pillars offering no resistance.

At 08.54, American 77 (Washington DC/Los Angeles) changes heading without ATC authorization, its transponder goes dead and it disappears from civilian radar screens.

At 09.25, the Herndon Command Center determines a major emergency has occurred. It forbids all takeoffs nationwide, orders all airborne craft to land immediately and reroutes all transatlantic flights to Canada. Meanwhile, the New York City Port Authority shuts all bridge and tunnel links to Manhattan.

Still at 09.25, Richard Clarke, the US president's antiterrorism adviser, holds a video conference for the White House, Departments of Defense, Justice and State, plus the CIA and FAA.

From aboard American 77, Fox Anchor Barbara Olson calls her husband on her cellphone. Theodore Olson is now the Attorney General after defending Pres. Bush before the Supreme Court. She tells him her plane has just been hijacked and they exchange emotional farewells. At 09.30, ATC declares AA77 missing. It apparently crashed in a national park in West Virginia before any fighter intercept.

However, also at 09.30, ATC at Dulles Airport in Washington DC picks up an unidentified aircraft with the speed and handling characteristics of a military jet. It penetrates the restricted flying zone around the Pentagon. The Pentagon's automatic air defense batteries do not respond. After making a turn to avoid a highway cloverleaf, the craft penetrates the wall of the Pentagon building before detonation and kills 125 persons. Witnesses identify the craft as a missile. Surviving wall clocks read 09.31.

Fifteen minutes later, the damaged walls and floors collapse. The CNN reporter on the scene states there is no sign of any aircraft in view. CNN then shows Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld helping rescuers evacuate an injured victim on a stretcher. He then tells Pentagon staffers he saw the wreckage of a Boeing airliner inside the burning building. The missile now becomes American 77.

JPEG - 20.6 kb
US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (second from the right) leaves his office to help carry a stretcher. Source: CNN

Using secret presidential transmission codes, an anonymous caller phones the White House to say it is the next target.

At 09.35, Antiterrorism Adviser Richard Clarke triggers the Continuity of Operations Plan and Pres. Bush interrupts a visit to a Florida grade school to return to Air Force One. Meanwhile, Vice Pres. Richard Cheney goes to the emergency command bunker under the White House. Congressmen and administration officials are instructed to remove to bunkers as well.

At 09.42, ABC airs live footage of flames consuming two floors of the White House annex housing the offices of presidential and vice-presidential staffers. This fire has never been explained and all mention has long ceased. Troops deploy manpads around the White House to thwart any paratroop drop. These moves are consistent with precautions against a military coup.

Reeling back to 09.24, ATC learns United 93 (Newark/San Francisco) has unauthorized persons on the flight deck. Radio contact is lost, the transponder goes off and the flight is flagged as a hijack. At 10.03, the aircraft vanishes from ATC radar. It apparently exploded mid-air over Pennsylvania. The crash site shows a large empty crater and wreckage dispersed across several miles.

In a sidewalk press conference, Mayor Rudy Giuliani states the Twin Towers might collapse and orders their evacuation.

At 09.58, an explosion at the base of the South Tower unleashes a massive cloud of dust. Smaller explosions then run top to bottom along the building, releasing small dust clouds horizontally. The building collapses in 10 seconds and covers Manhattan in dust.

Considered potential targets, United Nations HQ in New York and Federal offices in Washington DC are evacuated.

At 10.28, the North Tower collapses identically.

At 10.54, Israel locks down all diplomatic legations worldwide.

At about 11.00, Mayor Giuliani orders the evacuation of Building 7. This structure suffers no aircraft attacks and the authorities claim no link to the attacks on the North and South towers; indeed Building 7 is not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission's final report.

At 13.04, the major TV networks air a short message from Pres. Bush in which he states that government continues to function and that the nation will be defended.

At 13.30, a state of emergency is declared in the nation's capital and the Pentagon puts two carrier battle groups on full alert to interdict any attempt to disembark enemy troops within reach of Washington. The US considers itself in a war situation.

At 16.00, CNN confirms that the US Government has identified Saudi citizen Osama bin Laden as the mastermind of the attacks. Thus there was neither military coup nor third world war.

At 17.21 Building 7 collapses identically to the North and South towers, except that collapse took only 6-1/2 seconds because of its lower height.

At 18.42, Defense Secr. Donald Rumsfeld holds a Pentagon press conference flanked by members of the bipartisan Senate Armed Services Committee to affirm they stand united in the face of this national tragedy.

By nightfall, damage assessment still remains sketchy and reports speak of 40,000 deaths. At 20.30, Pres. Bush addresses the nation to state that the danger has passed and that America will engage its enemies. War is in the air.

Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Center

The day's traumatizing events happen too quickly for any serious evaluation of their coherence in real time. We shall now review the key inconsistencies. First, why did the two towers and Building 7 collapse?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) says the burning kerosene contributed much more to the collapse than the impact by two aircraft. They add that flames spread to Building 7, causing it to collapse in the same way.

Alas, experts respond to this theory with skeptical grins because (1) the Twin Towers were built to withstand impact by an airliner, (2) structural steel melts at 1,538°C and kerosene burns at 700°C to 900°C, (3) fires have ravaged numerous skyscrapers worldwide but collapsed none, (4) neither tower toppled but collapsed straight down upon their footprints and above all (5) all three buildings collapsed at freefall speed, i.e. no floor encountered any resistance from the floor beneath it on the way down – each floor disintegrated before it suffered any pressure from the floor above it.

New York City firefighters are adamant: they heard and saw a series of explosions that destroyed the building from top to bottom. There is video footage with sound to support their statements.

Finally, Prof. Niels Harrit at the University of Copenhagen published an article in the peer-reviewed Open Chemical Physics Journal to report finding traces of nanothermite at Ground Zero. Nanothermite is a military explosive.

In short, explosive charges were methodically laid throughout the towers in such a way as to cut the base of the metal columns for subsequent destruction floor by floor from top to bottom. Photos taken immediately after 9/11 show cleanly-sliced metal columns with no evidence of heat deformation.

In violation of standard criminal investigation procedures, samples of the metal columns were not collected for laboratory analysis. Instead, they were rapidly removed by Carmino Agnello's scrap metal enterprise and exported for sale on the Chinese market. Mr. Agnello allegedly heads the Gambino crime syndicate.

On Building 7, WTC owner/operator Larry Silverstein stated in a TV interview that he had "told them to pull it" after being warned that it might collapse. Mr. Silverstein later retracted that remark but the video recording lives on.

Building 7's noteworthy tenants, included the New York City Crisis Center and a CIA station second in size only to its headquarters in Langley, Virginia. That station spied on UN delegations and, since the Clinton Administration, on the finances of major corporations in NYC. If indeed it served as the command post for 9/11 attacks, the "pulling" of Building 7 destroyed any material evidence of such a function.

In late July 2001, Mr. Silverstein (who is also Benjamin Netanyahu's election fund treasurer) would seem to have struck a poor bargain in acquiring the WTC because of all the asbestos it contained, which was already a violation of the building code. He did however have the lucky hunch to insure it against terrorist attack with payout based on the number of attacks rather than actual losses incurred. Thus, he claimed for two attacks, one for each aircraft and cashed in twice for a total of USD 4.5 billion.

However that may be, it would have taken complex math operations to develop a demolition plan and several days of work to install the nanothermite charges throughout Building 7. WTC security would not have failed to detect the installing demolition teams.

Mr. Silverstein had outsourced WTC security to Securacom, headed by Marvin Bush, the US president's brother.

3,000 Victims

On the evening of September 11, Mayor Giuliani ordered extra equipment and consumables so that NYC morgues could cope with the 40,000 deaths he had estimated. After several updates, the final death toll fortunately fell to just under 2,200 civilians and 400 rescuers. The numbers include no senior executive any major corporation; most were maintenance staff and office workers. How do we explain this miracle?

At about 07.00, Odigo employees received cellphone text messages warning them not to go to their offices across the street from the WTC because of an impending attack on it. Odigo is a small Israeli company with leading edge text messaging technology. Owners are the Netanyahus and Aman, aka Israeli military intelligence.

JPEG - 13.3 kb
Warren Buffet saved the lives of every top executive based in the WTC by inviting them to Offutt AFB on Sept. 11 2001 where Pres. Bush joined them early that afternoon. Mr. Buffett is now the world's richest person.

At about 08.00, Mr. Warren Buffett opened his annual benefit breakfast at Offutt AFB in Nebraska where he is based. Setting one precedent, he invited every top executive with an office in the WTC. Setting a second precedent, he hosted them on a USAF base, not an upscale hotel. Offutt AFB is headquarters to the US Strategic Command, which controls the nuclear deterrent. The guests had arrived the night before and slept on base. Breakfast was interrupted by announcement of an accidental aircraft collision into the North Tower, followed by announcement of the second collision into the other tower. Guests now realized the collisions were deliberate. This was confirmed by 55th wing commander Gen. Gregory Power's sudden departure to the underground command bunker. US airspace was locked down, grounding all the top corporate executives at Offutt AFB.

After 9/11, Mr. Buffett became the world's richest individual, with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates as an occasional rival. He campaigned for Barack Obama but declined that president's offer to become Treasury Secretary.

In the early afternoon of 9/11, Air Force One landed at Offutt AFB and Pres. Bush made a video conference call from the command bunker to the White House and various Federal agencies. He also recorded an initial TV speech there.

Within minutes of the first impact, FEMA emergency teams deployed to the WTC. As luck would have it, they had arrived in NYC on September 10 for a training exercise on September 11 to respond to a simulated biological or chemical attack on the WTC. This prepositioning enabled fast response that saved many lives. FEMA was headed by Joe Allbaugh, Pres. George W. Bush's election campaign treasurer who would later handle all government tendering in occupied Iraq.

The Pentagon Missile

The fully-automated air defense systems protecting the restricted flying zone around the Pentagon did not react to the craft that penetrated its perimeter. This could only happen if (1) they had been shut down, leaving the building undefended, or (2) the system identified the intruder as a friendly. Every aircraft carries a friend/foe identification unit that enables authorized aircraft to circulate safely inside that zone.

To strike the Pentagon, the intruder had to make a turn to avoid a cloverleaf intersection. It hit the building wing furthest from the defense secretary's personal office.

Offices inside the killbox had two purposes. Some of the offices were for the US Navy chief of staff but under renovation while others belonged to the Auditor General. Staff in the latter offices were investigating the largest embezzlement of Defense funds in history. This explains why no general/flag officers were killed and why the fraud investigation was dropped after destruction of all documents.

The missile penetrated one reinforced wall and detonated well inside the building. The heat was so intense that firefighters needed asbestos suits to operate. Water was chosen for their purpose because of its high heat absorption properties. They used water, not flame retardants, as would be the case in the presence of burning kerosene, and flatly stated they had seen no evidence of kerosene or aircraft wreckage. Finally, contrary to Def. Secr. Rumsfeld's claim, no one in a business suit, as he was, could have reached the point of detonation.

The authorities then proceeded to destroy and rebuild the entire damaged wing. The rubble was removed by a firm equipped to vitrify it. Vitrification is expensive and used to stabilize radioactive waste. In all likelihood, the cruise missile was jacketed with depleted uranium in order to enhance its ability to penetrate concrete and Kevlar. It also likely had a shaped charge in order to obtain a very brief explosion of intense heat.

As plainly visible in the first photos taken after impact, the missile entered the building without damaging the façade. It flew at ground level and entered through a delivery vehicle entrance. It damaged neither door cases nor window frames.

The Pentagon grounds are under constant video surveillance. The missile was necessarily picked up by at least 80 CCTV cameras. The authorities have refused to release all but a handful of footage and stills showing the explosion; none shows the aircraft itself.

The Pentagon lawn also escaped unblemished. The explosion totally destroyed two helicopters and numerous cars in the parking lot. There was much metal wreckage but none that can be traced to a Boeing airliner, not even the engines. The authorities made much of a photo showing a metal fragment about 90cm long that presented traces of a dedicated aeronautic paint on one side, plus red, white and blue markings on the other. Actually, this fragment does not match anything on an Boeing sporting an American Airlines paint scheme. It is however of aeronautical origin and probably belonged to one of the two helicopters at the heliport.

In a bid to buttress the official version, the Pentagon's top physician identified human remains in the Pentagon killbox as belonging to American 77 passengers. Cremation ashes were presented to victims' families and the urns specified whether they had been identified by DNA or fingerprint analysis.

However, the Pentagon later said the extreme heat had vaporized the entire airliner wreckage, engines included. If so, it is hard to see how human flesh would have survived such vaporization.

Manual Hijacking or Autopilot?

The hijack theory is based on (1) assuming that the aircraft were airliners and (2) release of inflight cellphone calls to people on the ground.

A number of people have reported receiving inflight calls from relatives. The content of these calls was pieced together into a story of flight attendants taken hostage with boxcutters and the passenger mutiny aboard United 93. United 93 became the basis for two full-length feature films. However, FBI agents at the trial of suspected terrorist Zacarias Massaoui testified that cellphone calls to the ground from airliners at altitude were technologically impossible in 2001. After verification, all reports of inflight cellphone calls received on September 11 proved false. Either the people receiving the calls were lying or they had been duped.

The FBI had made no comments about Theodore Olson, Pres. Bush's personal lawyer during the election campaign, who was later to become attorney general. Mr. Olson too claimed to have received two cellphone calls from Fox Anchor Barbara Olson just before her death on American 77.

JPEG - 27.3 kb
Attorney General Theodore B. Olson lied about receiving two cellphone calls from his wife onboard American 77. He alleged she had supplied him details of the hijacking but the FBI said there were no calls from her cellphone that day.

The declassified archives of ex-Def. Secr. Robert McNamara suggest another theory. In 1962, the Joint Chiefs of Staff presented Pres. John F. Kennedy with Operation Northwoods, a false flag operation that would justify an invasion of Cuba. The plan was to shoot down an airliner with MiG fighters painted over in Cuban Air Force markings.

The USAF had already acquired the needed jets from a developing country and repainted them to order. An entire cast was recruited to fly out of Miami after making home movies for later distribution to the news media. Once airborne, the airliner was to shut down the transponder so that civilian radar could no longer identify it. At this point it would be replaced inflight by an empty airliner except for a crew that would bail out after turning on the autopilot. The MiGs would then shoot it down over Miami Bay in front of thousands of witnesses on the ground. For enhanced credibility, the JCS wanted to include people posing as Cuban spies to make telephone calls the FBI would intercept.

Applying this template to 9/11, it would explain (1) why the transponders ceased transmitting, (2) release of faked cellphone calls and (3) absence of windows on the aircraft that struck the WTC. The only update is that in 2001, a crew is no longer needed to fly a Boeing 757. It can operate in drone mode. This obtains more operational flexibility.

Domestic flights are very frequent in the USA and airlines regularly overbook. Passengers simply wait for the next free seat. Yet the four allegedly hijacked flights were filled to only 1/3 of seating capacity.

After a detailed study, the Iranian daily Kheyan concluded that all the passenger victims were close relatives of Defense Department employees, defense contractors or connected in some way to the White House, e.g. Barbara Olson.

The possibility of an airliner striking the Pentagon roof (not façade) was examined in the 1990s. The Defense Department even ran a series of such simulations under the direction of Capt. Charles Burlingame (USN). This officer then resigned from active duty and signed on with American Airline. He was captain aboard American 77 when it allegedly hit the Pentagon.

No Hijacking Means No Hijackers

It took the Justice Department three days to process the passenger cellphone call information, establish the modus operandi of the hijackers, identify them and piece together their biographies. The call from a flight attendant on American 11 said there were five hijackers and that their leader had been assigned Seat 8D, marking him as Mohammed Atta.

However, we now know the cellphone calls were all faked and the actual airliners replaced inlfight with drones. Even more inconveniently, the passenger lists released by the airlines shortly after the 9/11 attacks show that none of the 19 alleged hijackers had ever boarded.

JPEG - 20.7 kb
Attorney General John Ashcroft lied when he named 19 hijackers: none of their names appear on any passenger list released by the airlines.

Nonetheless, there is one piece of evidence that Mr. Atta was aboard the airliner that struck the North Tower. A few days after 9/11, a police officer found Mr. Atta's passport in perfect condition among the smoking debris of the WTC. Everything had been destroyed except this godsend of absolute proof.

The Bush Administration followed up this unconvincing discovery with CCTV footage showing Mr. Atta and his friend Mr. al Omari embarking. Although the footage was indeed shot on September 11th, it was unfortunately shot at Portland Airport where they were making a connection and not at Boston Airport, from where American 11 took off.

Never short of ideas, Rupert Murdoch's Sunday Times published in 2006 a US Defense Department video dated to 2000 that showed Mr. Atta at one of Osama bin Laden's training camps in Afghanistan.

Scrutiny of the official list of kamikaze hijackers has more surprises. Some turned out to be alive, e.g. Walid al Asheri, who was supposed to be a member of Atta's skyjack team – he actually works as a commercial pilot by Royal Air Maroc. He lives in Casablanca and started giving press conferences until the king asked him to keep a lower profile.

That said, 13 of the 19 alleged hijackers were mercenaries who had taken part in various terrorist operations organized by Prince Bandar bin Sultan on behalf of the CIA in Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzogovina and/or Russia. They are Khalid Almihdhar; Salem and Nawaf Alhazmi; Ahmed Alhaznawi; Ahmed and Hamza Alghamdi; Mohand, Wail and Waleed Alshehri; Ahmed Alnami; Fayez Ahmed Banihammad and Majed Moqed. They fought as readily for the Taliban's Islamic Emirate as for Ichkeria, the hoped-for Chechen state.

Prince Bandar became Saudi ambassador to Washington in 1982, as soon as King Fahd took over from his predecessor who was killed by a drug-addicted prince armed by the CIA. He remained ambassador until King Fahd's final days in 2005. George Bush Sr. considered him as his adopted son and throughout the Arab world, he is known as "Bandar Bush". Exploiting the many privileges at his disposal, Bandar ran a slush fund for the CIA for over 20 years that was funded by kickbacks on arms sales such as the al Yamamah deal that compromised several prominent British political leaders. He also hired Islamic fundamentalists for covert operations anywhere from Morocco o Xinjiang, China.

Meanwhile, the Bush Administration preferred to keep the spotlight on Osama bin Laden and duck questions about the 19 alleged hijackers. The Saudi golden boy's brother was Salem bin Laden, a business associate of Pres. Bush at Harken Energy Corporation, a small oil and gas producer. US National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski had hired him in Beirut in the late 1970s, at which time he joined the World Anti-Communist League (now World League for Freedom and Democracy) and organized funding for the mujahideen fighting the USSR in Afghanistan. His "Arab Legion" would later serve in Bosnia-Herzegovina and other combat zones. In a move to set him up as a front for Prince Bandar's doings, the CIA changed his image from that of a jetset socialite into one of a religious fanatic. Indeed, no self-respecting Islamic radical would have anything to do with the corrupt, disreputable King Fahd, but many found it palatable to subscribe to the fundamentalist, anti-Western rhetoric of "Sheik Osama", who remained a key pawn on the CIA's Middle East chessboard. One Arab head of state gave me details of his personal visit to bin Laden in 2001 at the American Hospital in Dubai, where he was undergoing major therapy for his kidneys. He added that Osama's CIA interfaces were present bedside when he arrived.

In 2001, bin Laden was unknown to the US general public except for fans of "Ground Zero" by filmmaker Chuck Norris. Over an eight year period, the Bush Administration released a series of videos and voice tapes of "Sheik Osama" to prop up its anti-terrorism soap opera.

One of the most famous videos shows bin Laden claiming he calculated how two airliners could take down the Twin Towers and how he ordered the attack on the Pentagon. We now know that's not how it happened.

In 2007, the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Switzerland examined the voice and video recordings. Dalle Molle is reputedly the world leader in voice and video identification. They said they were 95% certain that all bin Laden recordings after 2001 were fakes. That includes the confession tape.

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CIA Director George Tenet lied when he confirmed the authenticity of the bin Laden voice and video recordings made after late September 2001. Dalle Molle, which is certified to testify at international courts, has established those recordings were all faked.

Do the US Armed Forces Exist?

The data presented so far invalidate the Bush Administration's version but should not distract attention the oddest fact of all: On September 11th, the "world's most powerful armed forces" were powerless, if not AWOL.

Standard operating procedure is for fighter jets to establish visual contact with hijacked airliners within a matter of minutes yet not a single fighter ever got anywhere near the hijacked airliners. Asked to explain this, Vice JCS Chairman Gen. Richard Myers (who was filling in for his boss away on business in Europe on September 11th) became flustered in front of congressional investigators. Gen. Myers told the Congressmen he did not remember what he did that day and kept contradicting himself throughout the hearing.

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Afflicted with amnesia while serving as Acting JCS Chairman, Gen. Richard Myers (USAF) told Congressional investigators he didn't remember what he did on September 11th.

Yet the US armed forces were indeed on alert that day. They were holding Global Vigilance, their largest annual military exercise. This war game simulates an incoming air attack from Russia across Canadian airspace. It mobilizes the entire USAF and the nation's entire satellite surveillance capability. The war game is headquartered at Offutt AFB, where Mr. Buffet and his WTC friends happened to be, and where Pres. Bush joined them early that afternoon.

On that day more than any other, the skies were thick with US warplanes, backed by prepositioned satellites linked to command centers tracking every airliner in order to prevent accidental collisions.

Not only were US forces on maximum alert, but so were the general staffs of other major powers in order to monitor and evaluate US performance in the war game. When the 9/11 attack happened, each tried to discover its origin and monitor developments.

In Moscow, Pres. Vladimir Putin tried a hotline call to Pres. Bush to assure him the Russia had nothing to do with it and thereby prevent unwarranted retaliation. However, Pres. Bush refused to take the call, almost as if he found such confirmation pointless. Russian JCS Chairman Gen. Leonid Ivashov ordered investigations of disturbing questions as soon as they arose. His staff concluded that the straight-down collapse of the towers indicated the official story was only intended as a diversion to mask a vast pre-orchestrated set-up. It took him three days to reconstitute the substance of the 9/11 and affirm that the attack resulted from a clash of interests among US leaders. He said the operation was ordered by a faction with the US military industrial complex and carried out by a private security contractor.

Grassroots Wake-Up

Public opinion was dazed and incapable of hard thinking after the blitz of heavyhanded propaganda that included national days of mourning in some countries and a mandatory minute of silence throughout the European Union. Afghanistan soon heard the sound of boots on the ground.

Yet this author was already publishing online articles skeptical of the official story. First written up in French, translations appeared and became the subject of public debate. Six months later, the book 9/11, The Big Lie was published and translated into 28 languages and it triggered a worldwide movement. From there, ex-German Defense Minister Andreas von Bülow added more details, as did ex-CIA Regional Director Oswald Le Winter in Portugal, Political Scientist Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed in the UK and Historian Webster Tarpley in the USA. The movement developed along two tracks.

This author led a worldwide campaign, met with top military officers, statesmen and diplomats and enlisted international organizations. These initiatives have been helping to limit the lethality of Neo-Conservative plans for a "clash of civilizations" by raising awareness about their nature.

Meanwhile, the families of 9/11 victims in the USA stopped condemning our movement, started asking questions and ultimately demanded a new investigation. The Bush Administration intimidated these troublemakers, forcing some like the billionaire Jimmy Walter to go into exile; it then blocked any Congressional inquiries and set up a presidential commission. The commission issued a report that unsurprisingly concluded that that Al Qaeda was guilty and the Bush Administration, innocent. However, it never produced the "clear, irrefutable proof" expected of it. Private individuals created "Loose Change" and other video animations to illustrate the inconsistencies of the official story over the Internet. Professional associations of architects, firefighter, engineers, lawyers, physicians, clerics, academics, artists and political leaders have been set up to find out the truth about the 9/11 attacks. Today tens of thousands of their members have convinced most Americans that Washington lied. They have found a leader in David Ray Griffin, professor of philosophy of religion and theology.

The mainstream media have so far managed to contain the impact of this dissidence. First, it has managed to keep the public in the dark about the worldwide discussion of this issue. Tucked behind a new iron curtain, the mainstream media ignored any public statements by world leaders or foreign governments that questions the official story. It also handled any Western dissidents as leftwing lunatics or, worse still, as rightwing anti-Semitic extremists.

Pres. Obama's election has not changed this situation. The White House website, which invites citizens to express their concerns, has been flooded with demands for a new 9/11 investigation and the official reply was laconic: "The new Administration wants to "look forward" and not revive the pains of the past.

During his campaign, Obama had his speeches reviewed by Benjamin Rhodes, the young scholar who drafted the final report of the 9/11 Kean-Hamilton commission. Rhodes ensured that no reference would be made to 9/11 or anyone involved in it, lest it open a can of worms. He now works for the White House and sits on the National Security Council. All Obama appointees have been required to retract any prior reservations they may have stated on the record about the official 9/11 story. Van Jones had to resign his appointment precisely because he refused to do that.

However, events of the highest importance may be opening the door to new information about 9/11. King Fahd died in August 2005. His successor, King Abdullah, has been trying to work out the suffocating network of ties between Saudi Arabia and the USA. At first, Prince Bandar was national security adviser but the relationship deteriorated and, in early 2009, Bandar unwisely tried to kill the king so that his father could ascend the throne. Since then, Prince Bandar has not been heard of while 200 members of his family either went to prison or followed him into exile in Morocco. Tongues may soon loosen.

 Thierry Meyssan