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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The American War Upon the World

The American War Upon the World

Tuesday, 22 January 2008 -- by Peter Chamberlin

In researching the events leading to America's downfall, I have had to continually readjust my understanding of the situation as new information surfaced. Throughout the entire learning process it has proven especially difficult to determine whether the CIA determines the secret policies it carries out, or if the agency merely serve as a loyal tool to the moneymen who control the world from behind the scenes. It is very difficult to sort out the facts from the fabrication about an ongoing disinformation campaign while immersed in it.

I used to think that the "new right" was simply a merger between militarist corporate interests and right wing militant groups, and that the CIA was merely a servant to whoever was in power. But I have come to realize that the spy agency was instrumental in creating the "Reagan revolution" and the "neoconservatives" who were spawned by it. At first it seemed that the confluence of CIA dirty tricks with the Republican national politics was limited to agents helping-out their former boss. But it became apparent that there had been a strategic merger between the CIA, the Republican Party and corporate America.

Names like Nelson Rockefeller and Nelson Bunker Hunt (of the infamous Hunt brothers) show up as major financiers in the new right "conservative movement." Researcher Steve Kangas reported (shortly before his murder) on the connections between radical Republican billionaires and the early neocons, most of whom had previous CIA experience. Kangas was found shot to death outside the Pittsburgh offices of right-wing benefactor Richard Mellon Scaife, who gave millions to right wing groups trying to destroy President Clinton, including the Heritage Foundation and New Gingrich's Free Congress Foundation. Before Kangas died, he produced a lengthy report titled, "How the CIA Created a Ruling, Corporate Overclass in America" that may have gotten him killed.

"From 1973 to 1975, Scaife ran Forum World Features, a foreign news service used as a front to disseminate CIA propaganda around the world. Shortly afterwards he began donating millions to fund the New Right. The political machine they built is broad and comprehensive, covering every aspect of the political fight. It includes right-wing departments and chairs in the nation's top universities, think tanks, public relations firms, media companies, fake grassroots organizations that pressure Congress... The CIA also helped create the conservative think tank movement... The Heritage Foundation opened its doors in 1973, the recipient of $250,000 in seed money from the Coors Foundation. A flood of conservative think tanks followed shortly thereafter, and by 1980 they overwhelmed the scene.

The new think tanks turned out to be little more than propaganda mills, rigging studies to 'prove' that their corporate sponsors needed tax breaks, deregulation and other favors from government... Using propaganda techniques it had perfected at the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe, the CIA and its allies turned American AM radio into a haven for conservative talk shows...The origins of this machine, interestingly enough, can be traced back to the CIA...Its principle creators were [neoconservatives] Irving Kristol, Paul Weyrich, William Simon, Richard Mellon Scaife, Frank Shakespeare, William F. Buckley, Jr., the Rockefeller family... these men would take the propaganda and operational techniques they had learned in the Cold War and apply them to the Class War. Therefore it is no surprise that the American version of the machine bears an uncanny resemblance to the foreign versions designed to fight communism..."

The radical neocon attack machine was constructed under CIA guidance to incorporate the political strategies that they had perfected while waging covert political warfare against our European allies, as well as other friends and enemies throughout the world. The politics of fear that underlie the "war on terrorism," derive from the "strategy of tension" that the agency developed in Italy.

"A strategy of tension (Italian: strategia della tensione) is a way to control and manipulate public opinion using fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agents provocateurs, as well as false flag terrorist actions (including bombings). According to historian Daniele Ganser, "It is a tactic which consists in committing bombings and attributing them to others. By the term 'tension' one refers to emotional tension, to what creates a sentiment of fear. By the term 'strategy' one refers to what feeds the fear of the people towards one particular group"

This terror-based political strategy was called "Operation Gladio." Neocons like Michael Ledeen were recruited from these actual covert operations to serve as spokesmen and political "hit men" for the united neocon front. Gladio was just a more recent manifestation of recurring secret CIA plans to overthrow the government of the United States that eventually leak out, stemming back to at least the era of "Operation North Woods" (another "false flag" terror attack by CIA/military agents upon Americans, for the purpose of causing war with Cuba). The recently released "Family Jewels" documents CIA crimes before 1975, including the involuntary MK-ULTRA LSD experiments upon the American people, which even included experiments upon children.

Kangas documented the astonishing gains reaped by the corporate ruling class from the benefits accrued to them by their merger with CIA interests.

"In 1975, the richest 1 percent owned 22 percent of America's wealth. By 1992, they would nearly double that, to 42 percent — the highest level of inequality in the 20th century... The CIA has always recruited the nation's elite: millionaire businessmen, Wall Street brokers, members of the national news media, and Ivy League scholars... By the 1950s, the CIA had riddled the nation's businesses, media and universities with tens of thousands of part-time, on-call operatives... Historically, the CIA and society's elite have been one and the same people. This means that their interests and goals are one and the same as well...

'The CIA is the President's secret army,' Noam Chomksy correctly points out that its real mission was 'deterring democracy.' From corrupting elections to overthrowing democratic governments, from assassinating elected leaders to installing murderous dictators, the CIA has virtually always replaced democracy with dictatorship. It didn't help that the CIA was run by businessmen, whose hostility towards democracy is legendary. The reason they overthrew so many democracies is because the people usually voted for policies that multi-national corporations didn't like: land reform, strong labor unions, nationalization of their industries, and greater regulation protecting workers, consumers and the environment... Even when the communist threat was real, the CIA first and foremost took care of the elite...Since the end of the Cold War, Washington has been abuzz with talk about using the CIA for economic espionage... Remember, the CIA is an instrument of the President; it only carries out policy...

The CIA's contacts with big business quickly spread. The agency showed a preference for international companies, public relations firms, media companies, law offices, banks, financiers and stockbrokers. The CIA didn't limit its activities to recruiting businessmen; sometimes the CIA bought or created entire companies outright... By allying itself with the business community, the CIA received the funds and ability it needed to remove itself from democratic control... the CIA began a mission in the late 1940s to recruit American journalists on a wide scale,.. The agency wanted these journalists not only to relay any sensitive information they discovered, but also to write anti-communist, pro-capitalist propaganda when needed... By the early 50s, CIA Director Allen Dulles had staffed the CIA almost exclusively with Ivy League graduates, especially from Yale. (A disproportionate number of CIA figures, like George Bush, come from Yale's "Skull and Crossbones' Society)."

Today, after thirty years running roughshod over America, this unholy alliance of ruthless businessmen and cold-blooded spies has brought the world to the very edge of the precipice. Their policy has amounted to waging economic warfare against the American people, the purposeful de-industrialization and off-shoring of American vital industries and jobs has drained the life from our economy into their off-shore bank accounts. The foolish anti-tax policies enacted by the Bush Administration to accelerate that transfer of wealth has accelerated the collapse of the global economy, as well as our own. The shaky status of our bankrupted economy can best be seen in the desperate measures now being prepared to stave-off the certain economic collapse that we have caused. The $100+ economic boost represents a complete break with Bush economic doctrine, giving every American $250 and Republicans giving-up the hotly contested Bush tax cuts.

"The stimulus plan taking shape in Congress is likely to include targeted tax cuts and rebates for middle- and low-income Americans, tax breaks for business, and spending for unemployment insurance and food stamps...GOP leaders said they would not insist on an extension of Mr. Bush's tax cuts, set to expire in 2010... "

The dire military straits, in which the unholy neocon alliance have trapped us, can best be demonstrated by the news that Congress is now debating legislation to reinstate the national draft.

H.R. 393: Universal National Service Act of 2007


"To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or in civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services..."

This comes after six years spent fighting a war without end that is as much a war against American democracy as it is against Islamic extremism. The truth about our alleged enemy, "al Qaida," is that there is no international terrorist conspiracy by that name, killing Americans and our friends by the hundreds. "Al Qaida" is a CIA fabricated enemy, created as an opponent for the CIA-created "neocon" supermen, intended to embed an invisible terror army amongst the people, in order to perpetually justify waging war upon the people. 9/11 was a declaration of war by the CIA conspirators upon the people of the United States and the military forces that defend us. The US Army should be hunting the real CIA terrorists.

The CIA National Intelligence Estimate on Iran is disinformation, intended to both throw the people off the trail of their crimes and to provide a backdoor confirmation of an Iranian nuclear weapons program. The upcoming Iran war should be seen as the CIA opening another front in its war against the Pentagon. They will not relinquish control of America's foreign policy to anyone, even if they have to destroy America in the process. What does the internationalist agency care, if the "homeland" gets toasted, as long as they hold the rest of the world in their hands?

The war on Iran is too important to the plotters' time sensitive grand design; if the war cannot be started over the nuclear issue, then another pathway will open (a backdoor approach to starting the war through Pakistan will serve just as well). The neocon Congress and their President have fully submerged American sovereignty in their dual-allegiance to the state of Israel, as demonstrated by yesterday's news that Congress has followed Bush's lead and rejected the American NIE in favor of intelligence provided by the Israeli Mossad. With the recently-announced joining of US/Israeli missile defenses and discussions on a possible military pact with Israel, comes word that Bush and Olmert have been making plans to blockade the Syrian coast, as a means to counter growing Russian influence in the region, setting up a US/Russian confrontation, for the sake of reassuring Israel.

According to reports coming out of Israel, the Republican Party is even more supportive of the "Jewish state" than are its own leaders.

"The President this week explicitly called Israel a Jewish state and that any agreement between Israel and the Palestinians must establish Palestine as a homeland for the Palestinian people, just as Israel is a homeland for the Jewish people. This signals a complete rejection of the Palestinian right of return that derailed the Clinton Camp David talks in 2000..."

With Bush busily destroying all the groundwork from past peace negotiations, it becomes more than obvious that he is just as determined as ever to strike Iran for Israel, before he leaves office. It is also obvious that the full Congress has turned their backs on the will of the American people in this determination. The false sense of jubilation expressed by many on the left and the right was premature. The war with Iran is still on, it will just be a little more difficult to instigate, than before. But the war gremlins are working overtime to provide the needed justification for a wider war. Israeli officials are now claiming that a rocket fired into Israel by Palestinians originated in Iran.

Hamas is but an appetizer. The Revolutionary Guard will be the main course.

Anyone who saw the pictures of Bush (the man who believes that he is the hand of God in restoring "God's people" to the Holy Land) begins to understand – Bush is on a "mission from God." Did you see him tear-up, when he said that he wished that he had been there to "bomb Auschwitz?" He shed no tears for the poor Palestinians when he told them to stop hoping that Israel will pull back to the 1967 borders, which Israelis have dubbed the "Auschwitz borders." He has wedded himself to Israel's idea of the "two-state solution," which will one day be revealed to mean a Palestinian state in Jordan and a "Jewish state" from the Jordan River to the sea.

Bush the alcoholic former party animal, who credits Billy Graham with "saving" him from himself, has no choice but to do God's will. Remember, Bush once admitted that God had told him to strike Afghanistan and Iraq. Now God has ordered him to make peace in the Holy Land. Bush's idea of "peace" is the peace of the grave.

The Bush push to force "peace" upon the Palestinians requires that every party be bound to the terms of his road map for peace, which is clearly slanted in Israel's favor. It will take many years to implement the major restructuring of Mideastern society to one that is favorable to the will of Bush. This means that he doesn't intend to leave office. His role as messiah will require that he remain in power for a long time. He is convinced that God wants him to start Armageddon.

The US war on terror has been, in reality, a machine for sowing terror, intended to force the people who are inclined to self-defense, to become terrorists. Kidnappings, targeted assassinations, military attacks, and the making of entire populations into refugees, are tactics intended to alienate individuals and drive them to vigilantism. Terrorists are defined as those who take up arms to defend against US attacks and occupation. The driving purpose of the war on terrorism has been to uncover would-be terrorists (those who would resist America), by forcing radicalized men to violently act upon their beliefs. The use of "death squads" and militias to instigate conflicts is a plot to flush-out the hidden commitments to family and country that would drive angry young men to oppose America's violent designs upon their property.

It is the same wherever this covert foreign policy of fomenting civil war is being implemented. This plan that has been hatched by our "leaders" is pure evil. It cannot be allowed to proceed. That is exactly what the GWOT (global war on terrorism) does, it requires that those governments who join with the US in its offensive attack upon the world, agree to wage low-level war against their own people, until the people rise-up in a true civil war. Whether it is a straight-out insurgency that is ignited, or a religious conflict, it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that the government agrees to oppress its own people in the name of "fighting terrorism."

This sorry state of affairs is the brainchild of new world order geniuses like Zbigniew Brzezenski, who hatched the idea of reviving Islamic jihadism and turning it into a political weapon, inspiring a generation of Islamic insurgents armed and trained with modern weaponry and demolition skills. The idea was to indoctrinate millions of devout Muslims with militant Wahabi doctrine, dispensed in Saudi madrassas in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan's badlands (utilizing radical Islamist textbooks printed for the CIA in the USA), is bearing fruit today. The new generation of thirty-something Taliban leaders, like 34 year-old Baitullah Mehsud (accused of assassinating Benazir Bhutto), are products of the madrassa indoctrination. The University of Nebraska-Omaha jihadi textbooks began arriving in the Saudi/Pakistani madrassas when Mehsud and his pals were about ten years old.

It is little wonder that there are so many Islamists wanting revenge upon America, considering the suffering we have inflicted upon the families of the war dead, the refugees and the "disappeared." The US campaign to save its economy by waging war upon the world will clearly succeed in raising a large portion of the earth's people in opposition to us. When conditions deteriorate to that point, American survival will depend upon our leaders' willingness to liquidate that very large protesting portion or the earth's people.

The crimes of the corporate state are rapidly catching up to them. There will be "hell to pay," when the people realize the true face of the organization of thieves and murderers that calls itself the "American government." The takeover of democracy and the initiation of world war through the commission of the largest terrorist attack in history on US soil, are crimes beyond measure. We the people will destroy the terrorist government that has taken us over from within. The world waits with baited breath to learn whether we will bring this government down before or after the real conflagration begins.

In other news:

The West must be prepared to carry out pre-emptive nuclear strikes to halt the spread of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, according to a radical manifesto for a new NATO by five of the West's most senior military officers and strategists.

Calling for reform of NATO and a new pact drawing the U.S., NATO and the European Union together in a "grand strategy" to tackle the challenges of an increasingly brutal world, the former armed forces chiefs from the U.S., Britain, Germany, France and The Netherlands insist a "first strike" nuclear option remains an "indispensable instrument" since there is "simply no realistic prospect of a nuclear-free world."

The document had been presented to the Pentagon and NATO's Secretary-General, The Guardian newspaper reported Tuesday.

The manifesto is likely to be discussed at a NATO summit in Bucharest, Romania, in April.

The authors include some of the top defense minds in the West, including Gen. John Shalikashvili, the former chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and NATO's former supreme commander in Europe.

The others are Gen. Klaus Naumann, Germany's former top soldier and ex-chairman of NATO's military committee; Gen. Henk van den Breemen, a former Dutch chief of staff; Adm. Jacques Lanxade, a former French chief of staff; and Lord Inge, field marshal and ex-chief of the general staff and the defense staff in the U.K.

The Guardian reported that the manifesto had been written following discussions with active commanders and policy-makers, many of whom were unable or unwilling to publicly air their views.

"The risk of further (nuclear) proliferation is imminent and, with it, the danger that nuclear war fighting, albeit limited in scope, might become possible," the authors wrote. "The first use of nuclear weapons must remain in the quiver of escalation as the ultimate instrument to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction."

The five commanders argued the West's values and way of life were under threat, but the West was struggling to summon the will to defend them.

It identified a number of key threats to the West's values and way of life, including international terrorism, the spread of weapons of mass destruction, political fanaticism and religious fundamentalism.

It also cited the weakening of organizations such as the U.N., NATO and the EU.

The five senior figures at the heart of the Western military establishment also declared NATO's future was on the line in Afghanistan's Helmand province. "NATO's credibility is at stake in Afghanistan," said Gen. Van den Breemen.

Gen. Naumann delivered a blistering attack on his own country's performance in Afghanistan. "The time has come for Germany to decide if it wants to be a reliable partner."

To prevail, they said, NATO's decision-taking methods must be overhauled, moving to a majority rather than a consensus model, putting an end to national vetoes.

A new "directorate" of U.S., European and NATO leaders must also be established to respond rapidly to crises.

The five also proposed the use of force without U.N. Security Council authorization when "immediate action is needed to protect large numbers of human beings".

Ron Asmus, head of the German Marshall Fund thinktank in Brussels and a former senior U.S. state department official, described the manifesto as "a wake-up call." "This report means that the core of the NATO establishment is saying we're in trouble, that the West is adrift and not facing up to the challenges," he told the paper.

General Naumann admitted the plan's retention of the nuclear first-strike option was "controversial" even among the five authors.

But he said proliferation was spreading, and NATO needed to show "there is a big stick that we might have to use if there is no other option," he said.

Lord Inge argued that "to tie our hands on first use or no first use removes a huge plank of deterrence."

The 150-page blueprint for urgent reform of Western military strategy and structures has been presented to the Pentagon in Washington and to NATO's Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, over the past 10 days.,2933,324648,00.html


Interrogation and Torture in U.S. Policy: Forum with Former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and Other Retired Generals
Forum to be held at Florida State University on January 23rd at 11:30 a.m.

WASHINGTON - January 21 - Retired military leaders will discuss U.S. interrogation policy and the importance of the commander-in-chief setting the highest standards for all U.S. personnel in the treatment of prisoners. Questions about the use and legality of waterboarding, which surfaced during confirmation hearings of the Attorney General, and again with the destruction of CIA videotapes, continue to be prominent in the presidential campaign and in the media. The event, co-hosted by Human Rights First and Florida State University's Center for the Advancement of Human Rights, will take place on January 23rd at 11:30 a.m in the Claude Pepper Auditorium.

Retired military leaders Lieutenant General Harry E. Soyster, the former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Major General Fred E. Haynes, and Brigadier General David R. Irvine will discuss the importance of using interrogation methods that are effective, lawful and humane. They will underscore the need to ensure that interrogation and prisoner treatment policies enhance our national security, protect our troops and are consistent with American laws, values and interests. The forum participants are part of a larger group of retired generals and admirals who are working to ensure that U.S. policy reflects a single standard of prisoner treatment consistent with the Geneva Conventions. The group has traveled to New Hampshire and Iowa, where they met individually with eight presidential candidates from both parties, and to South Carolina where they participated in forums on the topic of interrogation policy at The Citadel and the University of South Carolina. These retired military leaders are traveling to key states in the presidential campaign because they are committed to ensuring that the next commander-in-chief understands the fundamental importance of prisoner treatment issues to members of the United States Armed Forces and to our national security. Where: Florida State University, Claude Pepper Center, 636 West Call Street, Broad Auditorium

When: January 23, 2008; 11:30 a.m.

Who: Lieutenant General Harry E. Soyster, Major General Fred E. Haynes, and Brigadier General David R. Irvine

This event is free and open to the public. Lieutenant General Harry E. Soyster, USA (Ret.)

Lieutenant General Soyster served as Director, Defense Intelligence Agency during DESERT SHIELD/STORM. He also served as Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Department of the Army, Commanding General, U.S. Army, Commanding General, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command and in the Joint Reconnaissance Center, Joint Chiefs of Staff. In Vietnam he was an operations officer in a field artillery battalion. Upon retirement he was VP for International Operations with Military Professional Resources Incorporated and returned to government as a Special Assistant to the SEC ARMY for WWII 60th Anniversary Commemorations completed in 2006. Major General Fred E. Haynes, USMC (Ret.)

General Haynes is a combat veteran of World War II, Korea and Vietnam. He was a captain in the regiment that seized Mt Suribachi, Iwo Jima and raised the American flag there, February 23, 1945. In Korea, he was Executive Officer of the 2nd Bn, 1st Marines. During Vietnam, he commanded the Fifth Marines, and was G-3 of the Third Marine Amphibious Force. During the Kennedy and Johnson eras, he served as Pentagon Director, Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs. As a general officer he commanded the Second and Third Marine Divisions. He was the Senior Member of the United Nations Military Armistice Commission in Korea, and was Deputy Chief of Staff for Marine Corps Research and Development. He is chairman of the Combat Veterans of Iwo Jima, Chairman Emeritus of the American Turkish Council and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Haynes lives in New York and is currently writing a book, We Walk By Faith, the story of Combat Team Twenty-eight and the Battle of Iwo Jima. Brigadier General David R. Irvine, USA (Ret.)

Brigadier General Irvine enlisted in the 96th Infantry Division, United States Army Reserve, in 1962. He received a direct commission in 1967 as a strategic intelligence officer. He maintained a faculty assignment for 18 years with the Sixth U.S. Army Intelligence School, and taught prisoner of war interrogation and military law for several hundred soldiers, Marines, and airmen. He retired in 2002, and his last assignment was Deputy Commander for the 96th Regional Readiness Command. General Irvine is an attorney, and practices law in Salt Lake City, Utah. He served 4 terms as a Republican legislator in the Utah House of Representatives, has served as a congressional chief of staff, and served as a commissioner on the Utah Public Utilities Commission.

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