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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bushs anti-people, undemocratic "midnight regulations"

Winning by failing. Trust me, the Bush people LOVE the image of the bumbling fool president, because the US-oligarchs can push some odious rules onto the LIVE IN AMERICA. They can enrich themselves and spy on you, legally.

"midnight regulations" are hidden in many thousands of files and documents in the federal register of the US government.

US-citizens do not hear about these regulations that anchor the Bush-elites' arch-right-wing legacy for many years to come.

It weakens environement and consumer protection, makes private industry very very happy because these regulations would never have made it through as a proper enacted law.

For example RIN 1004-AD90 by the Bureau of Land Management, a office of the US interior ministry.

The exploitation of (dirty) shale oil is now possible inside the spectacular canyons of Colorade, Utah and Wyoming.

The 75-page rules allow the first time, state land "for the promotion of oil shale and Teersand" to energy companies to lease. Not only environmental groups have protested vehemently opposed. But also democratic Colorado Governor Bill Ritter and the Congress delegation of the state.

The rule - which the Interior Ministry two weeks after Obama's election put it - was "irresponsible", criticized Ritter. "Too many questions about the consequences for the environment, economy and our communities that remain unanswered." Nevertheless, the rules were on Saturday officially in force.

Overall, Bush has shoved more than a hundred such rules onto his successor, scattered at 16 ministries and offices.

They cover a broad spectrum of (environment, industry, protection of terrorism, civil rights, social affairs) and regulate matters that are deeply through the everyday lives of Americans prefer: pollutants, water, ocean fishing, mineral resource extraction, health insurance, real estate trade, abortion, car safety.

For example, a provision of the EPA, the Clean Air Act to decline, the Law on Air Pollution. They are now some companies exempted from the requirement, "fugitive emissions" (pollutants that are not on regular routes, such as chimneys in the air come, but by leaks) to measure and failing to install expensive safety devices. The rule is in force on Tuesday, the last official day Bush.

Another EPA rule expands the list of toxic substances in the fuel can be converted. So far, approximately 13,000 tons per year, according to the new rule may be almost ten times as many.

Also limiting the outgoing government as quickly nor the definition of "navigable inland waters", in which no oil can be led, gave the green light for new uranium mining at the Grand Canyon and doubled the forest in the state of Oregon, which may be cut.

But not only the environment suffers. Rule RIN 2126-AB14 the U.S. Department of Transportation renewed a controversial rule that truck drivers eleven hours at a time and a maximum of 14 hours a day behind the wheel may sit. Consumer groups and the courts have criticized this provision, because it allows the forwarding companies, despite trucker fatigue on the road to force.

Other provisions lift the arms ban in some national parks to make the protection of factory workers before chemicals and poisons, the dangerous increase in gas pipelines. "So little time, so much damage," said the New York Times resigned.

The Ministry of Justice gave himself against the protests of civil rights, greater flexibility in the monitoring of e-mails, Internet activities and mobile phones. It also shortened the appeal time limits for capital crimes - a measure which mainly affects death: They should by now "fast-track procedure" ( "Independent") of its execution can be fed.

The Health Ministry meanwhile, ensured that government agencies and doctors abortions from "moral objections" can refuse. Another requirement is reduced to the amounts health care. "The removal of this regime should be one of the first items on the agenda for the Obama government," said the MEPs Henry Waxman.

But it is not easy. It is extremely difficult and lengthy, "midnight regulations" to reverse. This requires the new government initially pro forma public citizens seek comments - which usually lasts only months ago - and a "reasoned analysis" to create. Another option would be that Congress intervenes, by law or explicitly additives disapproval resolutions.

Obama in the White House has a separate section so instructed, all the Bush rules. Even Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House of Representatives, intends to use "all means available under control" prevent "the transferor Government Act in the last minute serious harm". Senator Barbara Boxer vowed: "We will do what is necessary. We are fed up."

But the previous governments have also been gelobigt - and then achieved little. Bill Clinton created in 2001, for example, his successor, Bush more than 26,000 pages of "midnight regulations" to leave. The bulk of that has to this day.

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