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Friday, August 13, 2010

Gianfranco Sanguinetti FULL TEXT of "Save Capitalism"

Gianfranco Sanguinetti (centre)

Veritable Report on the Last Chances to Save Capitalism in Italy

by "Censor" (Gianfranco Sanguinetti  wikipedia)

INTRODUCTION (with many good links!)

Here now the FULL TEXT (in english translation!) of the AMAZING HOAX letter that fooled the elites into admitting False-Flag Terror (CIA/Mafia/deep state, see bottom).

Translator's foreword

Table of contents
Preface   Italian Preface ... french preface ...  Discourses on the next chances of ruining capitalism in Italy (Rememdy)
I. Why capitalism must be democratic and the grandeur it attains in being so
II. How capitalism has been badly managed in Italy, and why (1943-1967)
III. In which social war begins again and why nothing is more fatal than prematurely declaring victory (1968-1969)
IV. Why it is never good to only defend oneself, because victory belongs to those on the offensive
V. What the world-wide crisis is, and the different ways in which it manifests itself
VI. Who the communists effectively are, and what one must do
VII. Exhortation to deliver capitalism from its irrationalities and to save it
Sanguinetti was vindicated in 1982, when the so-called P2 scandal brought to light documents that irrefutably proved that the Italian government had indeed been employing "the strategy of tension" since the end of the 1960s and through-out the 1970s.

Proofs of the Nonexistence of Censor by his Author
Press clippings concerning Censor
Declaration of Editions Champ Libre

LETTER from Guy Debord To Gianfranco Sanguinetti

Dedication to the bad workers of Italy and other countries

More false flag terror: London .. NYC ... Turkey ..  SriLanka ... Germany ... Pakistan ... Irak ... Indonesia ... 

Deconstructive DEBORD "artificial terrorism." 9/11 MUST READ  (tongue in cheek 9/11 references!)

"la emancipation de los trabjadores sera la obra de ellos mismos" marx

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