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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mark Binghams Exif/IPTC data shows as 8/30/2001

Mark Bingham, 31, shown in this 1993 graduation photograph from the University of California, Berkeley.(AP Photo/Contra Costa Times, handout).
United 93 Hero Mark Bingham w/ Mother Alice Ann Hoglan
      Created on: 12-Sep-01
 Registered through:, Inc. (
Contra Costa Times, which covers Contra Costa and Alameda Counties, breaking news, weather, traffic, shopping, sports, jobs, cars, homes and local events.

Mark Bingham, an American hero and other passenger on United Flight 93 was gay and was chosen as the gay Advocate's Man of the Year in 2001.
Mark at Southern Decadence In New Orleans, Labor Day Weekend 2001

Phil Jayhan writes: Here is a rather large blunder on the part of CNN or AP Press; Mark Binghams Exif/IPTC data shows as 8/30/2001. Some 13 days before 9/11, complete with a working bio and obituary, all carefully prepared, or in this case, not so carefully prepared some two weeks before 9/11! It is no wonder that CNN went removing so many hundreds of pictures from their CNN Memorial page

well spotted Phil!

Notice how it says how he was killed, 13 days before 9/11? Just who is Mark Bingham anyway? We were told that he was an openly gay man. President of his fraternity. And told that he nearly missed his flight, Flight 93. We were told the plane actually had closed its door and then reopened it to allow him to board.

Yet we know now that Flight 93 never happened. That Mark Bingham never showed at the airport, nor did any of the other 246 passengers and crew. FYI - We were also informed quietly via the FBI that the Flight 93 drama never occurred. This came out in trial of one of the alleged hijackers;

Mark Bingham is not in the Social Security Death Index nor is he in the Victims Compensation Fund


A Boeing 757 en route from Newark, N.J., to San Francisco. The plane was carrying 38 passengers, two pilots and five flight attendants. It crashed southeast of Pittsburgh around 10 a.m. ET.


Jason Dahl, Denver, Colo., pilot.

1st photo: Jason Dahl, in this undated photo, was the captain of United Airlines Flight 93. (AP Photo/San Jose Mercury News)
2nd photo: Family members of Jason Dahl hold hands in prayer during a memorial service for the United Airlines pilot Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2001, at West Bowles Community Church in Littleton, Colo. (AP Photo/Pool, Helen H. Davis)

Leroy Homer, Marlton, N.J., first officer.
Lorraine G. Bay, flight attendant.
Sandra W. Bradshaw, 38, Greensboro, N.C., flight attendant.
Wanda A. Green, flight attendant.
CeeCee Lyles, Fort Myers, Fla., flight attendant.

Deborah A. Welsh, flight attendant.

United Airlines flight attendent Debbie Welsh is shown in an undated family photo. Welsh was from New York City and grew up in Philadelphia, her parents said.(AP Photo)


Christian Adams

Todd Beamer

1st photo: Todd Beamer is shown in this undated family photo which was displayed during his memorial service Sunday, Sept. 16, 2001, at Princeton Alliance Church in Plainsboro, N.J. Beamer was a passenger aboard United Airlines Flight 93 on Tuesday, and, according to an operator who talked to him during the flight, led other passengers to take action against the plane's terrorist hijackers just before the plane crashed in southwest Pennsylvania. (AP Photo/Family Photo)
2nd photo: Lisa Beamer, widow of Todd Beamer, who died on United Airline Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvnia is applauded on Capitol Hill Thursday, Sept. 20, 2001 after being recognized by President Bush during his address before a joint session of Congress. (AP Photo/Kenneth Lambert)

Alan Beaven

This is a handout photo, date and location unknown, of Alan Beaven, an Oakland, Calif. resident who moved to New York only a few months ago. Beaven was an employee of the SYDA foundation, which promates Siddha Yoaga Meditation, and has offices in Oakland and New York. (AP Photo/courtsey of the law offices of Berman, DeValerio, Pease, Tabacco, Burt and Pucillo via Oakland Tribune)

Mark Bingham, 31, San Francisco.

Mark Bingham, 31, shown in this 1993 graduation photograph from the University of California, Berkeley.(AP Photo/Contra Costa Times, handout)

Deora Bodley

Deora Bodley, 20, shown in this undated Santa Clara University handout.(AP Photo/Santa Clara University)

Marion Britton

Thomas E. Burnett Jr., 38, .

Thomas E. Burnett, Jr., 38, senior vice president and chief operating officer, Thoratec Corp, called his wife moments before the hijacked plane crashed. "He said, 'I know we're all going to die - there's three of us who are going to do something about it,'" Burnett told his wife, Deena. (AP Photo)

William Cashman
Georgine Corrigan
Joseph Deluca
Patrick Driscoll
Edward Felt
Colleen Fraser

Andrew Garcia

This is an undated handout photo of Andrew Garcia with wife Dorthy.(AP Photo/Coutesey of The Garcia family)

Jeremy Glick

Jeremy Logan Glick, 31, of West Milford, N.J., is shown with his daughter Emerson in this July 17, 2001, photo. Glick and other passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 93, apparently took action against the hijackers aboard the plane Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, shortly before crashing in a western Pennsylvania field. The jetliner, which government officials suspect was headed for a high-profile target in Washington, was the fourth to crash in a coordinated terrorist attack that likely killed thousands, and the only one that didn't take lives on the ground. (AP Photo/ho)

Lauren Grandcolas, San Rafael, Calif., sales worker at Good Housekeeping magazine
Donald F. Greene, 52, Greenwich, Conn.
Linda Gronlund
Richard Guadagno
Waleska Martinez

Nicole Miller

The photo of Nicole Miller is a 1998 Pioneer High School graduation photo. Miller was visiting a friend in New Jersey and was due to fly back Monday, but bad weather bumped her onto United Airlines Flight 93. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

Mark Rothenberg
Christine Snyder, 32, Kailua, Hawaii.
John Talignani
Honor Wainio

According to the official story of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks, Todd Beamer and Mark Bingham fought terrorists on United Airlines Flight 93 and forced that plane to crash in Pennsylvania.

However, I have discovered that United 93 is not the only connection between Beamer and Bingham.


First of all, Beamer and Bingham went to high school together. Specifically, they attended Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos, a town in northern California.

Mark Bingham attended Los Gatos High School for 4 years, from 1984 to 1988. [1]

Todd Beamer attended Los Gatos High School during the 1986-1987 school year, which was his senior year. [2]

So, for 1 year, Beamer and Bingham went to high school together.


Todd Beamer and Mark Bingham are also connected via the business world.
Specifically, they are both connected to a man named Eric Benhamou.

Mark Bingham graduated from college in 1993, and his own company opened for business in 1999. For some period of time between the 1993 graduation and the 1999 opening, Bingham worked for 3Com Corporation. [3]

The CEO of 3Com from September 1990 to December 31, 2000, was Eric Benhamou. [4]

Thus, Benhamou was the CEO during Mark Bingham's employment at 3Com.

Now, did Benhamou and Bingham know each other personally? Well, if you look at the news database Factiva (available at public libraries), you will find two 3Com press releases, one from September 2, 1999, and the other from October 11, 1999. These press releases appeared in the publication known as Business Wire. If you look at the bottom of each press release, you will see Mark Bingham's name and phone number listed in the "contact" section. So, Bingham was a press secretary for 3Com, just as Tony Snow is the press secretary of the White House. So, just as we are sure that Tony Snow personally knows the people in charge of the White House (Bush, Cheney, etc.), we can be sure that Bingham personally knew Benhamou.

In addition to working for 3Com, Mr. Benhamou was a member of the Board of Directors of the company known as Legato Systems.

Benhamou was appointed to Legato's Board of Directors in 1993. [5]

Benhamou was on Legato's Board as late as September 2001. [6]

David Beamer, Todd Beamer's father, was appointed Legato Systems's executive vice president of worldwide sales in January 2001. [7]

David Beamer was appointed chief operating officer (COO) of Legato Systems in February 2002. [8]

Thus, David Beamer and Eric Benhamou worked at Legato at the same time for at least 9 months (from January 2001 to September 2001).

Furthermore, during those 9 months, Benhamou had the high rank of member of the Board of Directors, and David Beamer had the high rank of executive vice president of worldwide sales. Thus, it is very probable that Eric Benhamou and David Beamer knew each other personally.

So, Eric Benhamou worked with Mark Bingham and with David Beamer, Todd's father.


Also, Mr. Benhamou has many ties to Israel. [9]


There is another passenger from United Airlines Flight 93 that should be noted, and that is Nicole Miller. At the time of 9/11, Nicole was a student at West Valley College in northern California. Alice Hoglan, Mark Bingham's mother, was also a student at West Valley College at the time of 9/11. [10]


So, Todd Beamer has ties to Mark Bingham, and Mark Bingham has ties to Nicole Miller.



Source: 1/22/2002 article in the magazine The Advocate

Source: Benhamou's biography on the 3Com website

Source: June 1993 issue of Software Magazine

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Source: January 8, 2001, article in the publication Business Wire

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Source: Benhamou's biography on the 3Com website


mark also is the only person not to show up on the American airlines mandate which i have in front of me now, Not only is this illegal fo a airliner not to have a full passenger list of any flight he also phones a friend to say he was sitting in seat 4D in first class while the plane got delayed during taxing for 40 mins, the conversation was weird with his mom but when you phone a friend to say you made the flight do you usually mention the seat number your in. i have written a letter to AA requiring an explanation to why mark was not on the passenger list,its also worth pointing out the system that airliners have in place,it is impossible for a name to be mist of. i cant find any one else talking about the mandate and mark Bingham so im wondering if i have missed something or some one could explain to me why his name is not on the official AA mandate which crews use to do a head count.

Mark Bingham (1970-2001), the chief executive officer of The Bingham Group, a public relations firm. Tall and athletic, he started playing rugby as a teenager and continued in college at the University of California, Berkeley. Even after graduating in 1993, Bingham pursued his love of the game, joining the San Francisco Fog, a gay rugby team. Along with sports, he was interested in politics and had served as a volunteer on Senator John McCain's 2000 bid for the Republican presidential nomination. A self-made success story, Bingham founded his own company, which had offices in New York and San Francisco. It was a business trip that led Bingham to take United Airlines Flight 93. After the plane was hijacked, he called his mother, Alice Hoglan, and his aunt, Kathy, to let them know what happened and that he loved them

Letters From Alice Hoglan, Mother of Mark Bingham:
If we condemn Islam, we slur the religious beliefs of Mark Bingham's close friend Joe who is a leader of Team Bingham which sponsored the inaugural Run to Remember September 11 in San Francisco this past Sunday, and whose wedding Mark was traveling aboard Flight 93 to attend.

Apparently on September 11, 2001 he boarded Flight 93 at the last minute, on his way to California to be an usher in his fraternity brother Joseph Salama's wedding.

Anyone who knows about 9/11 conspiracy theories has probably heard about the information indicating that a Boeing 757 did not impact the Pentagon on 9/11. If you are not aware of this evidence, you can see a compilation of it here. For many years, most of the movement believed that Flight 93 had crashed in Shanksville, but was shot down by a US fighter jet. This is government disinformation. Flight 93 did not crash into Shanksville, though I won't deal with that in this post. If you wish to see a compilation of this evidence, check it out here.

Many people in the 911 movement have realized that no plane hit the Pentagon and no plane crashed in Shanksville. This post will cover evidence of a theory shunned by the mainstream 911 leader figures (aka Gatekeepers). The theory that no planes crashed into the World Trade Center. Of course, this sparks one to go "What?? What about the eyewitnesses?". Morgan Reynolds and Andrew Johnson have exposed the fact that most of the eyewitnesses did not see or hear planes. Gerard Holmgren has shown that numerous initial eyewitness accounts reported small planes, missiles, or just explosions. The initial eyewitnesses reporting jetliners were people employed by the mainstream media, such as CNN Vice President of finance Sean Murtagh (Says he saw a big jet) and senior ABC producer Mark Obenhaus (Also says he saw a big jet). Others were simply anonymous callers. Others were TV eyewitnesses who have been exposed as actors in staged, mock interviews.

This post will not cover the issue of eyewitnesses in detail. The main purpose of this post is to expose the TV fakery on 9/11. We will go through the videos. First, let's look at what little footage there is of Flight 11.


Naudet Brothers Video

The most well-known shot of Flight 11 is the one taken by the Naudet brothers. These two French filmmakers were at the right place at the right time. They were in the middle of the street, with hi-tech equipment, with no traffic, with no people walking around, and with a squad of ready-to-go firefighters. Talk about a perfect shot opportunity, with a highly coincidental 'gas leak' to act as the cover for being there to film the event at just the right time. At 9:03, they would also catch the second hit. At 5:20, they would also catch the collapse of Building 7.

Flight 11 appears as no more than an unidentifiable blob and hits, creating a much larger wingspan than it's actual size is. In fact, when it hits, despite appearing small, the gash it creates goes from side to side of the building! Note that smoke comes out from the top of the WTC, below it, and on all sides of it.

A full analysis of this shot was done by Simon Shack, the creator of the amazing September Clues series:

Pavel Hlava

This video surfaced days before the second anniversary of 9/11. Once again, it's an unidentified blob. Note the trippy colored sky. He was allegedly sending home a video postcard. Why would he have the color so messed up if that's what he was trying to do? Seems more like a cruddy fake. Note that the reflection from the car ahead of Hlava shows that the shot was from a fire truck, not an SUV as the official story states..

Further analysis here:

Wolfgang Staehle

The last and poorest fake was done by 'video artist' Wolfgang Staehle. It is three stills:


Note the cartoonish background, the fact that Flight 11 is an unidentifiable blob (again) and looks kind of like a flying saucer, and the fact that the shot was made from the exact same location in the 475 Kent bulding where the TinaCart1 and Robert Clark videos were shot.

Now, before we move on, check out this eyewitness who states that there is no plane debris on the ground after the hit:


Yes, there is hardly any videos of Flight 11 hitting the North Tower, and what we do have appears to be fake. Flight 175, however, was the main PSYOP of the whole operation. It was covered from every angle, and the perpetrators used fake live television shots, 'amateur' video, and mock 'eyewitness interviews'/staged telephone calls.

TV Shots

WABC7(aka 'The International Shot')

Note that the plane image is a black blob. Note that it goes flies behind the building, and then an explosion takes place. Note that the plane image skips across the screen. Note that 17 seconds before the impact, we hear 'be-beep' and just after we hear a snap (Was this an audio cue for the perpetrators in the newsroooms?). There is also a huge problem: Don Dahler is supposedly on-site, yet his microphone picks up no plane sound or impact sound.

NOTE: Shortly after Paul Smith, the pilot of NewsCopter7, which made this shot, started talking to 9/11 researcher Jeff "Shure" Hill from Canada, he died in a strange taxi crash. The taxi driver, Mohammed Chowdury, claims that he was cut off by a 'black car'. [ (10/09/07)]


The eyewitness on the phone, Theresa Renaud, is the wife of an NBC producer. She says that she didn't see what caused the explosion at the WTC, but after the second explosion she suddenly states that she saw 'another plane'. Note how blue the background is in the first angle and how dark and brown the sky is in the second angle. NY never looks like that with any top notch news camera. Also note that in the first angle, we can see the plane image diving downwards toward the building, which completely contradicts the Brooklyn Bridge shot, which shows a straight, level approach. Note that they switch the angle closer to the WTC right before the impact.


Note that the supposed plane image is an unidentified, tiny blob that dives diagonally contradicting flight paths in other videos. Note that it cuts to another angle like the CBS Live shot just before the impact. Note the background is abnormal and is not of NY on a nice day with a top notch camera.

WNYW Fox 5 Shot ... 5-chopper/

Note that the reporter says 'Our chopper now, arriving at the scene" when it is not at the scene, but miles away. Note that the plane should be visible in the wide shot, but it isn't (Proven here: Note that the camera zooms in three times before the plane image enters the screen (Sheer luck??) and that it comes in right after the final zoom-in. Note that the background is yellow. Note that the nose of the plane image exits the building, which is a sign of the virtual image exiting the building caused by the helicopter drifting to the left and knocking the reference line further, which dictates where the explosion should start and where the plane image should stop.. the reference line being knocked further causes the CGI plane to begin to exit the building (Though it is covered up by the explosion). Note that right after the impact, just while the nose image is exiting the building, they cut the feed.. we can hear a sound in the background (a button being pressed?) while the screen cuts to black for 15 frames, and then returns (Was this to cover up the 'nose out' animation glitch?). This footage has been deleted from the WNYW archives and the FOX archives has a different shot in it's place with the same audio track. This shot has never been replayed on any commemorative DVD or TV presentation of 9/11.


Note that the plane image is traveling diagonally instead of a straight line, and the background is brown.


There is no plane in this shot and the small trail that is hardly visible is moving in a flight path that contradicts every other flight path we've seen in the other videos. It's now been edited in the archives to show a bigger but still tiny 'ball' heading diagonally towards the WTC. The background is abnormally


There is no plane in this shot and the reporter first interprets the alleged crash as an explosion in the building.


Plane is a dark, strange shape moving across the screen in a straight line, contradicting shots showing it moving down diagonally. This appears to be the same shot that Devin Clark took.

Devin Clark

Note that Devin Clark is video art major who works for the media. He has worked for Comedy Central, which is owned by Viacom, the company that owns CBS. Note the blue background. Note that the plane is a black sillouhette. Note that it tilts up just before impact. In other videos, such as the famous Hezarkhani shot, it's tilted down. Note that in the collapse video, suddenly a high speed scroll takes place. Note that the smoke shifts 15 seconds into the video. Note that you can hear witnesses in the room, but you can't hear the explosion. Note that only one bird is seen flying throughout the whole video. Note that a black helicopter is visible hovering above the North Tower as it disintegrates. Note that this shot is exactly like the CNN shot, but a building has moved (???), everything else is the same.

"Devin Clark is a large and powerful MANimator! His work is offensive, only in that his ideas are so revolutionary that upon exposure they cause most people's minds to explode...or at the very least lower their I.Q. 20 points. When he is not promoting false knowledge he draws horrible pictures to frighten small children. His masterpieces are smeared all over the television. Comedy Central, MTV, TCM and HBO have all been cursed with his magic. He will draw things. He will make them move. He will curl up in the corner and cry like a baby elk. Be it comics, film, illustration or animation Devin Clark has a passion for telling stories, and the stranger the better. Devin has been involved with a broad range of projects including work for HBO, MTV, Comedy Central, TCM, and The Cartoon Network applying his design and narrative skills to everything from network graphics to traditional cartoons. His films and animation have been featured in Stash Magazine, Animation Block Party, Rooftop Films, Ottawa Film Festival, Platform, and BDA. He is presently running his own animation shop in Brooklyn where he just completed the first season of his animated web-series, 5ON, for Comedy Central.
CONTACT - p 917.763.7046 -"

"Devin Clark Fails Lie Detector Test!"


Note that the flight path is a diagonal dive, contradicting the straight flight path videos. Note that the woman screaming in the video is the same woman that is heard screaming in the TinaCart1 video, but it's from a completely different location!

CBS 11

Note that the plane is moving diagonally down, but the explosion is higher than the flight path, indicating that it had to have 'pulled up' very significantly'. This flight path contradicts every other video.

Techmac Inc

Note that the plane is missing a wing and it's left vertical stabilizer. It's also missing a tail. This is a poor fake. Note that frames are cut and it cuts to the explosion fast.

Luis Alonso

Note that the plane appears to be tilted up, while other videos show it tilted down. Note that it turns black once it is visible again after flying behind a building. Note that the tail becomes invisible after it turns black.

Ronald Pordy

Note that the plane turns black. Could this simply be caused by shadows? No, it goes too dark black. United Airlines planes are blue, red, and gray. They are not black or white.

Fox 5

Note that the video suddenly speeds up at the end. Note how dark everything is.

History Channel

Note the incredibly blue background.

Jersey Park

Many believe that this shot was taken by the dancing Israelis, who were 'documenting the event' in Jersey Park. Officially, it's origin is unknown. Note that the 'plane' is just a line.


Note that it is flying nose-down, contradicting most of the other videos' flight paths.

Park Foreman

Despite the fact that Foreman was an amateur and is filming an object speeding through the air at 530 mph, they are still holding the camera steady, following the plane. Note that the plane turns black while in flight.

Naka Nathaniel

Note that this shot is the same as the Park Foreman shot. Note that this video was shot by Naka Nathaniel, a multimedia journalist for the New York Times.


Note that the plane is a black sillouhette. Note that the smoke makes an unnatural, square shape after the initial explosion. Note that the lines on the Towers are amazingly bright. Note that a mysterious 'bang' happens immediately after impact despite the fact that the sound would reach them 11 seconds later.

Brian Gately ... +wtc+plane

A huge, completely blurred, unidentifiable blob hits the South Tower.

Brooklyn Bridge

Note that the plane travels in a perfectly straight line, contradicting other flight paths.

Bowling For Columbine

Note that the camera zooms out a split second before the plane comes into view.

Earth Station

Note that the video is hazy and gray.


Note the huge zoom out just before the 'crash'.

Scott Myers

Note that Scott Myers is a 3D specialist with links to the mainstream media and the military. Note that the approach sound does not sound like a 767 approach. Note that the impact sound sounds like a car bump, not a plane crash. The impact sound is completely ludicrous. Just listen to it.

BBC World

Unidentifiable blur proves nothing.

Wingless object passes through a gap and allegedly hits the WTC. There is no impact sound. Strid somehow identifies the black bob as a United Airlines plane. How is it possile for someone to identify an airplane flying in the air at 530 mph and hits a building, and when they can only see it in a gap for less than a second? Note that he zooms in right before impact.

Clifton Cloud

It's just an unidentified black ball.

Michael Hezarkhani


Note how it slices into the building like a knife going through butter, which is impossible. Note how the camera zooms out, tilts up and moves to the right just before the plane enters view.

Note that we can hear Hezarkhani say "Oh my God! A plane just crashed into the building. I cannot believe it!" in this video:

..But in other versions of the same video, that isn't heard:

Also note how dark one of the wings is. Note also that the 'pod' that 911: In Plane Site and LetsRoll are getting all worked up about is not a missile under the plane, but it is actually a bulge that 'grows' onto the plane after it is in front of the buildings. In other words, it's evidence of sloppy animation by the perps.


Filmer of accused fake WTC crash video won't disclose shot location ... -wont.html

Note that shots of battery park prior to 9/11 prove that the trees should have blocked the shot, but are shortened down in the Hezarkhani video:



Impossible Penetration. Also, there should be more screaming in the crowd..


Note the impossible penetration. Note the fact that you can hear helicopters and sirens but can't hear the plane approach. Note that the explosion happens right away, even though the filmer is miles away.

Evan Fairbanks

Note the impossible penetration. Note that Fairbanks tells us in other reports that the FBI took his footage. He says that the jet was 'like a bad special effect'.

Further analysis here:

Spiegel TV

Note the impossible penetration.

Jennifer Spell

The camera zooms in just before the crash. Note the impossible penetration.

Gamma Press

The camera zooms out just before the plane comes in (to catch the plane). Note the partially missing right wing. Note that a part the plane exits, yet theres a close up photo that shows no exit hole:



Note that the wing disappears when the plane gets close to the Towers. Note that part of the plane is exiting, even though a later photo shows no exit hole. Note the unbelievably fast, phony birds 40 seconds into the video.

Naudet Brothers

Note the missing right wingtip. Note the guy whos creams "Let's go, move it!" just before impact. Note the three big frame cuts.

Pavel Hlava

Note the partially missing right wing.

Luc Courchesene

Note the weird colors. Note the missing right wing. Note the missile-like approach sound (This is NOT a 767 approach). Note the impossible penetration.


(Thanks to Killtown for video list.)

The Plane Attack Was A Hoax..

Watch "September Clues" Parts 1-9 (& the Epilogue)!

Watch "911 Amateur" Parts 1-3!


September Clues said...

Great post (except for Phil "The Shill" Jayhan.

Watch September Clues:

Anonymous said...

Please check your photo links -- looks like someone went around removing those, too!

Renee said...

I actually like Phil Jayhans research far better then Simon Shack. Jayhans research is totally fresh abd actually leads somewhere. All Simons work leads to are more lines on another photograph and dubious claims. People should check out Phil Jayhans Hollow Tower research;

And here is a new discovery of theirs; Fake smoke machines at the world trade center;