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Monday, June 20, 2011

Leuren Moret MOLECULAR WEAPON at 911 WTC

9/11: Energy budget and molecular dissociation of the World Trade Center (WTC) by Independent scientist Leuren Moret
see it dissolve ... like alka seltzer

BERKELEY, CA - Sound science is the only approach to understanding what happened at the WTC on 911.  The energy budget of molecular dissociation required to "disappear" two tall buildings as they collapsed is the answer to what happened on 911 at the WTC.  Until the energy budget is addressed, which would be required to turn two buildings into nanoparticles (which are invisible and are permanently suspended in the atmosphere), the discussion continues to be based on bathtub chemistry and steam engine physics which will never give any answers to the sophisticated and exotic energy technologies now available for "special projects".  Steven Jones told me in Vancouver at the 911 conference that his particle samples came from within 25' of the WTC buildings.  Well anyone knows the settling velocity of particles is related to size, and nanoparticles have such a small settling velocity that motion of air particles keeps them permanently suspended - therefore Jones samples are the BIG CHUNKS and the huge volume of nanoparticles produced simply disappeared into thin air.  He didn't even sample them because it requires extremely sophisticated equipment such as charged plates to collect them on... filters don't do it.  The investigator must have an advanced background in nanoparticle physics and quantum dynamics... and that is the key to what happened at the WTC on 911.

I am a Livermore lab whistleblower.  I watched directed energy beam experiments being conducted in the atmosphere, from the laser facility at LLNL in the middle of the night, from my house in Livermore when I was working at LLNL.  Until space weapons capabilities and HAARP are taken into consideration to explain the molecular dissociation (into nanoparticles) of two very large buildings, as well as the 4th generation nukes that were used to break down the structural integrity of the buildings, then the answers are coming from a noisy room of opinions.  Opinions are not science.  No one has explained the presence of levels of uranium, tritium, and the presence of deuterium in the air monitoring conducted and reported by Dr. Thomas Cahill for 5 months after 911 at the WTC - which began after Oct. 5.  He reported the highest concentration of metals and nanoparticles ever measured in US air samples.  The question is, why did the Dept. of Energy (Steven Jones
 former employer at Los Alamos nuke lab) ask Dr. Cahill to voluntarily do air monitoring specifically AFTER Oct. 5, and why did DOE want that air monitoring done for 5 months.  Cahill received no funding for a very expensive and extended study.

What we know from the Israeli bombing of Lebanon with 5000 US depleted uranium bunker busters, is that the bomb craters also had deuterium and high levels of U235 present as well as very high radiation reported for the first 3 weeks which dropped off quickly because it was neutron activation products.  The 4th generation nukes that the US stuck into the bunker busters are the size of matchboxes I was told by Dr. Chris Busby who had the bomb crater samples tested at the British govt. radiation lab.  So that takes it back to the time gap from Sept. 11 to Oct. 5 when DOE did not want air sampling data collected.  Why?

The energy budget required to destroy the integrity of the structure and the molecular dissociation of two huge buildings has to be the focus of any investigation of 911 at the WTC.  So far it has not been considered.

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