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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Clinton says IRAQI DEMOCRACY is not allowed !!

IRAQI DEMOCRACY is not allowed.
Hillary Clinton said:
"No one should miscalculate America's
resolve and commitment to helping support the Iraqi democracy.
We have paid too high a price to give the Iraqis this chance."

WTF?  We won't give them the chance?  Too right. Cheap troops withdraw,
but tax-payer paid, expensive "contractors" (mercenaries) remain!!

She has another freudian slip (inadvertently telling the truth)

"And I hope that Iran and no one else miscalculates that."

So, there it is. The desire for Iran to "miscalculate" so that
USA can start a calculated war.

LISTEN TO IT FOR YOURSELF!!   It starts at 3:45  !!

Hillary Clintons Freudian Slip!
The Bush years continue.... Iraq Iran Lies War Crimes Militarism False Flag Corporate Elite Rule

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