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Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama Bin Laden killed in his US protected villa - Fake Body Fake Photo Fake terror


(journalists could ask a million questions... but don't.  Hence the people have to do the HARD THINKING WORK by themselves)

Here are a few thoughts to factor-in.  Take time to read, take time to think. Investigate facts. A week is not too muchwork for such an important subject.

8f) Around 36 "private" videos exist of a plane hitting WTC-2, all of them excluding one anothers genuineness. Here we see frames from Michael Hezarkhani's video.

In Hezarkhani's video we see a hologram-plane disappearing inside the building in the same way that a knife goes through warm butter.

missing wing (incomplete hologram)

People in the USA rejoice in bloodshed, the raging propaganda machine has done the job over 10 years to turn US citizens into little monsters.
Facts are Facts. In the USA, it is against the law, unconstitutional, to kill ANYONE without a fair trial.

IF OBL was indeed killed (A BIG IF)

Osama could never be caught alive (he was died many years ago),
because of what he might say about 9/11  

Right after the the 911 atrocitities in New York, he has already given a
statement that he was NOT INVOLVED: 

September 16, 2001

Bin Laden denied any involvement with the attacks by reading a statement which was broadcast by Qatar's Al Jazeera satellite channel: "I stress that I have not carried out this act, which appears to have been carried out by individuals with their own motivation." This denial was broadcast on U.S. news networks and worldwide



The photograph of a dead Osama Bin Laden currently being touted on Indian TV news (and elsewhere) is  fake.,-95.677068&sspn=28.334641,86.572266&ie=UTF8&hq=Gammi+Adda+Stop,&hnear=Abbott%C4%81bad,+Abbottabad,+Khyber+Pakhtunkhwa,+Pakistan&ll=34.146383,73.216992&spn=0.000901,0.003664&z=19

Looks like Osama bin Laden's body won't be coming to the US. The terror mastermind was killed and "buried at sea" following a raid by US forces on his Pakistan hideout, an American official has told AP. Authorities decided to handle his body according to Islamic traditions, which call for corpses to be buried within 24 hours. Because it would have been difficult to find a nation willing to accept bin Laden's remains, he has already been dropped into the ocean, according to the source. The official refused to divulge any other details, citing national security concerns.

Osama bin Laden is dead, killed by a U.S. Navy Seal Team Six in Pakistan and, in keeping with Muslim tradition, his remains were buried at sea. No one has stated where bin Laden's body was buried.

World Trade Center 7 - was demolished at 5pm on sept 11
with all the records of worldcom and enron inside.

The killing of Osama bin Laden - 2 May 2011

President Barack Obama announced Sunday that US special forces had killed Osama bin Laden, the long-time leader of Al Qaeda, in a raid on a residence in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Obama issued the statement after 11.30 p.m. Eastern time in the United States, more than an hour after the major media news networks announced that he would be making within minutes a major statement relating to national security.

Obama's statement left critical questions unanswered and raised a host of new ones.

First, Obama stated that "shortly after taking office, I directed Leon Panetta, the director of the CIA, to make the killing or capture of bin Laden the top priority of our war against Al Qaeda, even as we continued our broader efforts to disrupt, dismantle and defeat his network."

In other words, Obama implied, without offering an explanation, that between 2001 and his inauguration in January 2009, the capture or killing of bin Laden had not been the major priority of the "war on terror."
burning 4th helicopter?  Pakistani Helicopter shot down?
Second, the location of bin Laden's killing is highly significant. Obama stated that US intelligence "had located bin Laden hiding within a compound deep inside of Pakistan." Obama then identified the location more precisely as Abbottabad. He did not explain that this town is located approximately 40 miles from Rawalpindi, the center of the Pakistani military establishment and only a few miles further from Islamabad, the country's capital. This is the equivalent of a fugitive hiding next to a police station.

Nor did Obama describe the nature of the "compound." But the press is now reporting that the "most wanted man in the world" was living in a comfortable mansion. Moreover, the town of Abbottabad is located on the strategically critical Route N35, the Karakoram highway, which connects Pakistan and China.

In another cryptic remark, Obama said that "our counterterrorism cooperation with Pakistan helped lead us to bin Laden and the compound where he was hiding."

The obvious conclusion to be drawn is that bin Laden -- as many have suspected -- had enjoyed, at least until very recently, high level protection from powerful forces in the Pakistani government, military and intelligence agencies.

Although Obama called on the country to "give thanks to the countless intelligence and counterterrorism professionals who've worked tirelessly to achieve this outcome," the major factor in the killing of bin Laden was, quite clearly, a shift in the position of his long-time protectors in the Pakistani state. For reasons that will eventually emerge, the Pakistani regime decided to toss bin Laden overboard.

The extraordinary facts relating to the whereabouts of bin Laden make a mockery of Obama's claim that the United States "went to war against Al Qaeda to protect our citizens, our friends, and our allies." No, it did not.

While the supposed terrorist mastermind has been protected by the Pakistani state, a critical ally in the "war on terror," the United States has deployed a huge armed force in Afghanistan for the past ten years. This force has been tripled since Obama took office.

Nothing in Obama's remarks suggested in any way that the killing of bin Laden will lead to a significant change in American foreign policy -- let alone an end to the relentless expansion of military interventions.

The three wars in which the United States is currently engaged -- in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya -- have nothing to do with the fight against Al Qaeda and the capture of bin Laden. Both the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, which the United States invaded in 2003, and the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, which is now being bombed by US and NATO forces, opposed Al Qaeda. In Afghanistan, Al Qaeda forces are politically and militarily insignificant.

Both Obama's speech and the press commentary was clearly an attempt to rally public support for wars that have become deeply unpopular. Obama asked Americans to "think back to the sense of unity that prevailed on 9/11. I know that it has, at times, frayed." Media commentators repeatedly expressed the hope that the killing of bin Laden would restore the morale of soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and justify the loss of thousands of lives.
... Bin Laden was NOT responsible for 9-11 ...

One conclusion can be stated with certainty: the killing of bin Laden will not put an end either to the "war on terror" for which he served as a bogeyman, nor to the imperialist wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, in which American military forces have been deployed to secure strategic positions and oil resources of vital interest to American imperialism.

Patrick Martin and Alex Lantier

- -Text: This is a 1998 photo showing exiled Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden, center, flanked by his aides and armed bodyguards in a meeting at an undisclosed location in Afghanistan, according to the source. In the background is a banner with a verse from the Quran, Islam's holy book. This photo was offered to the Associated Press on Sept. 22, 2001 from a Pakistani photographer who wants to remain anonymous.

The "pod" gets bigger!

The explosion seems stagnant! many frames later:


Some Hezarkhani stills extracted from the video!

911 Theodolite Battery Park - third page

Re: Battery Park Michael Hezarkhani CNN video of impact of ghostplane UA175 into south WTC tower of World Trade Center

"WTC vom Battery Park"
Side-on view
possible of interest

Views from WTC down to Battery Park over top of 19west and WhitehallAnnex
If you can feed this photo into virtual-reality-software,
you can place yourself ON THE VECTOR:
NYC - WTC - 2001-08 - Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (115)
This photo could also explain the "moving bridge"... What fantastic
optics can make the WTC AND THE BRIDGE that is that far away appear
sort-of equally large? HOMEWORK: take a screenshot and triangulate
from known size of bridge (span-of-elements) and width-of-wtc
the approx distance of the camera = position of wescam helicopter. from ellis island

circle line
Castle Clinton with Ferry!

Whitehall-Building (with scaffold, unlike Hezarkane video)
Whithall Building with Annex and 19 west street
toward the ferry-boat landing with trees and lamps
Miss Liberty Ferry boat to Ellis Island
BatteryPark Trees 1995 South Street Pier Ellis Island ship-landing

I am exhausted... you can try finding more (put good links into forums or my comments)

Executive Summary:
We are trying to confirm the camera-location of the famous video of the 911-airplane that crashed into the 2nd tower.

GAP vs BOAT LENGTH calculations

We have a close-up of "THE GAP"

From the close-up we need to guess the size in feet
of the visual gap between 19west (@facade-front) and wtc2

Lets say 15feet

We substract some OVERLAP in the Hezarkhani Video
Hard to tell, the sharpest image is at the bottom of

Lets say 5 feet. That leaves 10 feet.

Then we have the approximate distances

WTC to ferry 3300 feet
19west to wtc 1900 feet

Now we have a triangle with three known sides,
1900 x 1900 x 10
- push the Degrees button
- push the 1) 3 Sides button

we get 0.3 degrees (zero point three)

Now we enter this angle for the triangle
boat2wtc -- angle -- boat2wtc

INPUT SIDE a >>>> 3300
INPUT ANGLE C >>>> 0.3
INPUT SIDE b >>>> 3300

we get 17 feet!! That is realistic on a boat.


Carmen Taylor Michael Hezarkhani photo footage of WTC impact UA 175 wtc2

The distance measuring tool in Google Maps
measures the width of the "top-box" of 19west as 30 feet

This time I counted the pixel.


21pixel/30feet = 1.428 pixel per foot (21 divided by 30)
therefore 10 pixel is 14.28 feet

124 pixel/30 feet = 4.133pixel per foot.
therefore 102 pixels is 24.67 feet

So the difference between Michael and Carmen is
24.67 minus 14.28 feet = 10.39 feet

Now the distance from 19West to WTC2
On Google satellite I made a marked on what seemed to
me vertically down to street level,
Estimated where the left corner of the WTC facade
would have been... and I got 1716 feet

The distance from the boat to WTC2 was 3156 feet

The angle turned out to be
0.347 degrees

19 feet !!!!

What did I establish?
That they were on the same boat!

Now the trees

Yey! Carmen took a wide shot WITH TREES

Where did the Carmen photos come from?

File dates are KEPT INTACT when you download with
wget -N http://blabla.bla/bla.jpg

TABBY file dates as on the server
25020 2001-09-11 20:48:33 +0000 mvc-008s.jpg
42536 2001-09-11 20:48:34 +0000 mvc-009s.jpg same
43194 2001-09-11 20:48:34 +0000 mvc-011s.jpg same
36755 2001-09-11 20:48:34 +0000 mvc-012s.jpg same
25939 2001-09-11 20:48:35 +0000 mvc-017s.jpg
19008 2001-09-11 20:48:35 +0000 mvc-018s.jpg
32106 2001-09-11 20:48:35 +0000 mvc-019s.jpg
26481 2001-09-11 20:48:35 +0000 mvc-020s.jpg same
26644 2001-09-11 20:48:36 +0000 mvc-024s.jpg same
44296 2001-09-11 20:48:36 +0000 mvc-026s.jpg same
33913 2001-09-11 20:48:36 +0000 mvc-027s.jpg
71174 2001-09-11 20:48:37 +0000 mvc-029s.jpg same probably edited the pictures.
His files are dated 29jul2002 23:58 GMT on the server,
"same" have identical dates with tabby:
tabby file-dates as 2001-09-11 20:48:33 GMT = 16:48 NY time

according to
he got the photos 11 Sep 2001 16:43:41 -0500 (17:43 NY time -0400)

 Here is a good piece of investigation about the impossibe NOSE OUT -- yes thay forgot to turn off the laser.
Missile SCREEN gas/liquid made it through the tower and then the airplane nose was "projected" on it.

Nose Out - holography projection screen revealed

My buddy, an Air Force vet, woke up his dad to watch Tower 1 smoking. His dad, Wallace, was drafted 4 times in WW2 to continue developing aircraft radar equipment. They watched Detroit Fox channel 2 and saw the "nose out." Wally commented "man, I didn't know the plastic radome was that tough!" His dad, who developed them, said, "me neither!" They picked up immediately on the "nose out."

NEW 14 August 2008! Download high-quality version of September Clues:

NEW 14 August 2008! Download high-quality version of September Clues:

I took time to review 911 taboo

at 17 min 20 sec watch the NOSE OUT..

Aluminium aeroplane CAN NOT exit a steel building with the shape of the nose-cone intact.

Watch closely and you can see the VERTICAL SCREEN!
A gas or liquid that is expelled vertically from a missile and is illuminated by a powerful laser (from miles away!), coded with 3-d information.
Result: a life-size, real-time image of a 767 boeing in the sky!

The projection and real-time calculation wasn't perfect. This is obvious when watching the Luc Courchesne video, and the "amputee wings", but hey, it did the job.

The VERTICAL "spray" SHAPE of the "hologram projection screen" is also clearly visible here (5th picture down, "fiery exit").

Many thanks to killtown, genghis, marcus icke, nico and social service. Even though none of you guys are capable to comprehend the simple logic of:

People/cameras saw big jet + No plane debris = hologramme.

Sure, TV-fakery was used, too, but CGI alone is not possible because the perps needed to camouflage the missile and keep up the illusion. They were able to mop up loose ends and keep the media in line with the official version (to this day, amazingly!) but they would not have been able to counter a few movies showing NOTHING )or a missile) impacting the WTC. However they ARE able to confiscate videos "for further study" that show weird things. Not a problem.

NEW 14 August 2008! Download high-quality version of September Clues: (dead now, overloaded)
14 August 2008 - 470mB download avi

Topic started on 5-2-2008 @ 03:24 PM by u2r2h

I take it you already know that NO 767 jet ever hit the WTC. This is proven by the LIVE TV footage, just listen to Ace Baker or watch September Clues ON THAT POINT. (my blog has the links, see below)

If you believe that a Boeing 767 hit the tower, look again!  (pictures above)

If you still believe hollow aluminium planes butter into buildings THEN DO NOT READ ON.
OK, so you are a noplaner.
Do you really think that the Joint Chiefs of Staff would have authorized the massaker in the USA with the threat that some idiot camera would show an explosion WITHOUT PLANE (or a missile)???
Nah, that's crazy. They could not hope to control all footage.
it is 100% logical!
Are Holograms possile?
Sure! Someone left us THE PERFECT HINT on Wikipedia!
Please read this again. Someone left us a hint:
There exist also holographic materials which don't need the developing process... (you MUST READ THIS)
The "plane" looses wings and is distorted:
Hey, I don't blame you for your scepticism... it *IS* difficult to swallow. Hey, but that was the idea!!
Please leave comments on my blog!!

Lets ask another one:

1- Do you believe ALL FOOTAGE that shows an airplane hitting tower WAS FAKED??

2- What do you think is the likelihood of uncensored footage to have made it into the public -- given that the second hit was under the eyes of potentially thousands of video-camera owners?

3- Given the likelihood is LOW BUT NOT ZERO, and given you insist that NO 767 hit the tower what do you think the risk was to the perps of the # hitting the fan

You see what I am driving at, huh?

You know what I think. I think it is IMPOSSIBLE that the perps would have risked it.

HENCE... the logical conclusion (people, get this into your heads!) is:


Why? because THERE WERE films, photos and eyewitnesses and they were NOT ALL FAKED

in fact there were some that were faked by the perps, wanting us to believe there were 767s.

Can you not see that Noplaners are dangerous... they contain the seed for holograms... or to put it as I do:

If you are a noplaners, you MUST be a hologrammer

If you do not agree, come forward, it shall be possible to make you understand.

Here, I quote in full:

Dynamic holography

There exist also holographic materials which don't need the developing process and can record a hologram in a very short time. This allows to use holography to perform some simple operations in an all-optical way. Examples of applications of such real-time holograms include phase-conjugate mirrors ("time-reversal" of light), optical cache memories, image processing (pattern recognition of time-varying images), and optical computing.

The amount of processed information can be very high (terabit/s), since the operation is performed in parallel on a whole image. This compensates the fact that the recording time, which is in the order of a µs, is still very long compared to the processing time of an electronic computer. The optical processing performed by a dynamic hologram is also much less flexible than electronic processing. On one side one has to perform the operation always on the whole image, and on the other side the operation a hologram can perform is basically either a multiplication or a phase conjugation. But remember that in optics, addition and Fourier transform are already easily performed in linear materials, the second simply by a lens. This enables some applications like a device that compares images in an optical way.[7]

The search for novel nonlinear optical materials for dynamic holography is an active area of research. The most common materials are photorefractive crystals, but also in semiconductors or semiconductor heterostructures (such as quantum wells), atomic vapors and gases, plasmas and even liquids it was possible to generate holograms.

So the technology is NOT IMPOSSIBLE. The military value (fool the enemy!) is enourmous. It is a technology MADE FOR UNDERCOVER and PSYOP bloodbaths.
please DEAL WITH IT!! don't let it simmer... cook it up!

Ho--lo--gram are as worthy of investigation as CGI-inserts are!

Why it necessarily was holograms that hit the WTC?

good question and people are figuring it or something like it out...

South Tower Anomalies III - Addressing the Debunkers

pretty good hologram here..
i'm sure governments have better technology


FOX5 & FOX11 L.A. (KTTV) — Chopper5  YouTube 1, 2, 3, & 4


FOX11 KTTV Los Angeles airs WNYW

WNYW FOX5 replay

See Chopper 5 page for more, including a slideshow of FOX11 L.A. frame numbered. Or see the best quality rendering available, also in slideshow format, using frames from the Ebbetts mpeg2. Additional downloads: FOX5 .avi - 149MB, and - 71.3MB, the latter being Eric Salter/Jim Hoffman's best VHS dub.

Kai Simonsen was the camera operator/reporter. Read a short interview/witness account or listen to Jeff Hill's telephone interview.

This is the most contested LIVE airplane video (by no plane theorists). Reasons include:

1. "Fade to black" seems to purposefully hide the "nose-out" of the alleged composite airplane image escaping the layer mask of the WTC South Tower. The absence of static, in addition to the professional opinion of video production expert Steve Wright and the contradictory testimony of Kai Simonsen, all seem to suggest the blackout phenomenon is not signal interruption. Wright asserts the camera's automatic gain control overreacted to the sudden brightness of the explosion. (See his debate with Ace Baker on TV's "Hardfire.") Simonsen has said (in Jeff Hill's phone interview) that the blackout was caused by an untimely equipment change (attaching a 2X lens extender). Was it simply the (well documented) power outage? Or did somebody quickly react to the compositing mistake by pushing a button?
2. "Miracle zoom" ends with the next frame of video introducing the nose of the plane. Coincidence?
3. The FOX5 TV archives do not include this shot, but instead feature a closeup of the North Tower that misses the plane... with the same audio of the original WNYW footage. Additionally, no mainstream 9/11 documentary has included the footage. (That is, excluding a German one.) Broadcast quality footage seems to be unavailable. Of course, the shot is now on the WNYW website.

NIST FOIA files include WNYW_Broadcast\WNYW 1Clip27 (the 9:08 am replay missing part of the approach) and WCBS Dub4 03 (same thing, but without the timer). The WNYW broadcast was replaced between 9:01 and 9:04 with clips from WCBS. Haha. UPDATE: Release 10 has the broadcast starting with the opening frames of the Chopper5 sequence in file WTCI-329-I-#25.wmv at vrt 12:48.

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