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Monday, October 19, 2009

Oldrightie - Oh dear oh dear!

Anything Goes?

Are We Any Different from The Terrorists?

Afghanistan 2009.

I recommend you visit the link above this picture and if you accept the argument given, like me, you and my generation will be enlightened to further understanding of the sheer arrogance of power. I have always been uncomfortable with excuses that the ends justify the means, because you and I may well become one of the 'ends'.

I have posted about the immorality of the arms trade, the corruption and slush bribes for The Taliban, the love-in with The IRA.

Poppycock! How about focussing on the big problem, US/UK militarism, here is just ONE example how you are deceived: Gladio CIA ...

All carry the 'means' argument. These arguments are made and decided on our behalf. Our unelected PM is able to pursue HIS agenda and dress it up as "in the best interests of The UK".

It is not his agenda. Ask yourself, who bombed the London underground on 7/7??

My frustration is that I cannot believe that all that is going on is in anybody's interest other than the great and patently the not so good.

We need socialism, don't you get it? You are being deceived by a multi-billion dollar effort to have cognitive dissonance! You are supposed to hate socialism, but real-democracy=socialism is our only hope to stop the mass murder and spent our energy on a happy future.

Today, we learn that secret intelligence would be compromised if a known terrorist is not released. So here we have a conflict in our own country we cannot resolve. How on earth do we think that 212 UK soldiers, many allied troops and countless civilians' deaths and horrific injuries are justified when we cannot lock up people we consider dangerous to our security. It makes a mockery of a Government floundering, even begging for support, whilst putting us at risk on our own doorstep. I watched Flight 93 last night and as my anger at the murderers rose to fever pitch,

You watched a piece of utter fiction! Nearly nothing in that movie is factual. The US military did 9/11. It is doubtful the planes even existed. Read and comprehend Operation Northwoods, please, then check out how they did 9/11:

my admiration for the brave passengers grew beyond coping.

You poor manipulated soul!

I went to sleep depressed at the waste of so many lives for the belief that we can trust and have faith in our leaders. Somehow, along the way, capitalism has taken over governance and this is just sheer madness.

No, it is intentional!

All the benefits of trade and commerce are sunk beneath the crooked and downright evil, that suddenly a glimmer of sympathy appears for the mis-guided acts of terrorism taking place in our world.

What have they spiked your drink with?

We are becoming as bad as they. Change needed, indeed.

war must be outlawed!

US soldier corpse (apache helicopter occupant) being dragged through the streets in Somalia, filmed by an italian TV crew. This soldier and his gang killed THOUSANDS of innocent Somalis on their murderous rampage through town.

Photo copied from Oldrightie blog. ... This guy needs to read more chomsky. He is obviously a well-off person.His humanity is in need of strengthening. He is another victim of the western doctrinal system, Living in england does that to you. He believes he is entitled to lambast socialism and negate the progress that the EU has brought (to his country most of all). Without the EU, britain would still pollute the north sea, for example. A small mind, sadly.

You may not be interested in the dialectic, but the dialectic is interested in you.

~~~~~~Leon Trotsky

This here is sooo below the belt, it is the work of an anti-social gadfly:

Arbeit macht frei!

Arbeit macht frei!
Now what?

Now what? Wrong premise! Let go! Let's make it a success for the benefit of people, lets have rules that stop us partaking in mass murder. It is always beneficial to have a dutch, danish and greek person sitting on the decision-making table! Unlike britain, they know what it is like.

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