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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

David NORAD TAPES analyst - Navy ONI Drones


...two choppers brought down the towers. Trigger finger (Pulse)

this is sick now about the ship 02.55.25 play it from there

AHHH I see!... Now I may seem a little slow here, but the coast guard eventually identifies the vessel as a "cruise ship.
the coordinates for the ship are here: google map 39 24.5' N 74 11.6' W

IM NEW TO THIS BOARD JUST TO LET YOU KNOW IM HORRIBLE WRITING My name is david . and i would like to pass information about what happen on 911, 2 days before (sept 9th and 10th) but i would rather post a mp3 which will cover alot of info. my lawyer told me i should wait until there a new investigation, and its very dangerous for me to post, blog, or even tell anyone what happen. this is very hard for me to write it down. or on video. before i start let me give you some back ground. 1 i am a DJ, re mixer, and producer. for over 18 years. 2 i downloaded the NORAD tapes on mp3 which is no good for analyzing. reason y will explain on mp3 if i could post it on this site. 3 Its not what i found on the NORAD tapes is where i was at on 911 4 i feel like s@it because i should have contacted the 9-11 Commission. on what i witness 2 days before on 911. but there a major prob... the prob is i was locked up in state prison for violating probation smoking pot which is b.s. in jersey police state. that's not import was is very import is that 2 days before 911 everyone in the joint sean the 2 drones in a war exercise on the 9th and 10th. same time same area . McGuire Air Force Base (Burlington County) , Federal Aviation Administration (right next to Atlantic City) and Fort Dix. 5 please be advise you will need Google map of jersey , new york and dc.

i will give everyone 1 week from today to be ready. i will be back Friday mp3 will be ready by then. and if anyone has software like Cubase sx, wavlab, sonar cakewalk,and pro tools, . because you need to open up all tracks of the NORAD tapes. the NORAD tapes was recorded on a Digital Audio Tape recorder. when loose change got of hold of the NORAD tapes on mp3 which is a no no because its WAY better if you get a copy of dat to dat not mp3 !!! because when you record 24 people at the same time its lock it will never go off (synchronisation) every producer know this. if you play one by one using windows media player its not cutting it. on a adat you have timings hr, min, sec, (timing is a key thing ) what they did they moved sections, fade,cut, paste,adding distortion,and a filter. my lawyer has 4 of the names on who manipulated the NORAD tapes which all 4 are in deep S@@@ because 2 of them are cia the other 2 have no clue. basically Evidence tampering.obstruction of justice also Obstruction of criminal investigations. i have the names but i cannot tell no one i leave it as that there so much about this case its mind blowing. i even got death threatS as soon I GOT THE NAMES. my lawyer is trying to contact other prosecutors around the country to round up other well know producers and Engineers. as soon a new investigation kicks in i have to testify with other producers and witnesses. i will explain more please chill out and if i were you guys contact EVERYONE AS MUCH YOU CAN FROM alex jones , loose change cats,we are change, you name it. because after i post the mp3 im gonna have to request that this topic must be deleted. on the 5th of sept . forgive my writings much love NJ1
on the left nj1 and key master William Rodriguez (WTC Key Master)... if you have anything to say to me bring it ill be at ground zero on 10 and 11th.

any prosecutors will tell you they cannot show to the world all the evidence during a discovery Rule 26. General Provisions Governing Discovery; Duty of Disclosure. 2nd if you spoiled the beans before a trial it will be destroy. once a trail done then its open to the public. you guys will get a taste of it not the whole plate. period i don't have to "proof" "Convincing" to no one in this site. if you try to push me to get the whole pie. your wasting your time . this is disturbing information and i don't expect anyone to believe it, i don't expect one you to believe what im about to show you and i knew that when i came here. i have an obligation to inform the public and once that's done ive done my job from then on its up to you not me. im doing this because i want the Constitution where it belongs. you could throw it in a trash can if you like. debulk or what ever. that's one thing its been bugging me for a while is that alot of truthers can bring the whole plate to the table. that's what the CIA want get it out there and filter it so it wont hurt much. plain old Kissinger rule. to make it clear even there allot of proof out there about building 7 the two towers, witnesses, and all kinds of proof. thats y the CIA have a station at cnn to filter the truth, and rub it off. if you put too much out there it gets filtered. you may disagree or don't i respect that. my ass is on the line here and so the rest of the people. i truly believe the elements of surprise, i can take care of myself, and if they make a move they will lose. i have backups and plains covering from a to k, ill be fine. even if they kill me it will be out there.. you can put me in a box pushing Daisy but still its out there.

AUDIO RANT by David "hardstyle"

A reporter who first received the files said this:

I would ultimately get three CDs with huge digital "wav file" recordings of the various channels in each section of the operations floor, 30-some hours of material in full, covering six and a half hours of real time. The first disc, which arrived by mail, was decorated with blue sky and fluffy white clouds and was labeled, in the playful Apple Chancery font, "Northeast Air Defense Sector—DAT Audio Files—11 Sep 2001."

Presumably, the files now lie in the public domain (?)

I have been through these files before (although not all of them), and if nothing else, they are indeed quite interesting. But unless you are looking for something in particular, I don't know how much help they'd be.

BTW, I recommend "Audacity" (a free audio player/editor) to analyze the files. It shows you the waveform, so you can skip over the many large chunks of silence in the files:

Some knowledge of radar and aircraft navigation is also necessary. For instance, with a transponder off, it is not possible to measure the altitude of an aircraft.

Other stuff you may or may not have already figured out:

Huntress == NEADS. Giant Killer == Navy ATC facility controlling the area over the Atlantic. That entire area up and down the coast has numerous Warning Areas and MOA's all owned by the Navy.

Whiskey-10X [perhaps a grid reference] is a aircraft training area over the ocean. You hear how the jets scrambled from Langley are "accidentally" redirected to Whiskey-106, meaning they were diverted a few hundred miles over the ocean instead of DC (which was just a few minutes away)....

Flight levels are in hundreds of feet, so flight level 290 is 29,000 feet.

Sqawking is another nuance you'll need to know. For example, an aircraft sqawking 7777 indicates the a hijacking (a pilot would set their transponder to 7777 to notify the FAA/military). Modes 1,2, 4 & 5 are military only. It becomes apparent that their inability to get a "mode-3" (ie, the transponder setting) for flight 11 greatly hinders their ability to track it., or even find it. I highly recommend you read this which explains sqawking "modes" and how to identify a flight from its sqawk:

Wiki on transponder codes

Also, NUMEROUS times, they will rattle off a lat/long for a location, in which case google maps or earth will do the trick. ie, 4115,7346 refers to 41.15 degrees north, 73.46 degrees west (this is the location they give to the Otis AFB fighters to intercept flight 11, because they have no transponder code for flt 11, they only have a likely Z-track).... Just goto, and enter "41.15 N 73.46 W". HOWEVER, a few minutes AFTER the first WTC strike, they still have this craft on radar, "20 miles south of JFK".
The recordings came from the Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) in Rome, NY. Here is Major Kevin Nasypany, who was one of the ranking officers there on 9/11, and whose voice is on several if teh audio tracks, mainly the MCC (Mission Crew Commander?) channel, inside of NEADS: As you can see, NEADS looks a lot like the CTU on "24". At various points on the MCC track, you can hear Maj Nasypany talk to a General at CONAR (Continental United States NORAD Region). Anyway, the tapes were recorded in digital form, so I doubt there is "time drift" from 1 channel to the next. The tapes were first released to a few reporters, who wrote lame articles about them. Then Jason Bermas of Loose Change fame somehow obtained them, and put them on the Internet, in torrent form. "The Complete 9/11 Timeline" is an excellent resource when analyzing the tapes: link






# 2 RULE 2 ANY PUNK MEDIA GUYS FROM FOX NEWS, CNN, ABC, BBC, NEW YORK POST, NEW YORK TIMES "Popular Mechanics" EVEN TRY TO DIG ANY DUM DIRT ON ME GO FOR IT. aether way ...The chickens are coming home to roost


Please note :miscalculation

i got of hold of one my buddy ( he is also a producer) and my lawyer
they help me out to back track the ink and date it was sep 4 2007 (is the correct date i downloaded)

Sorry guys my bad !!! DAM!!!

the right one about track 4 is WAV files NOT MP3 . the mp3 is
Vanity Fair Magazine

track 4 is correct >>>>>18 WAV files (Channel 4 ID Op )

DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op ( open this baby up)
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 5 ID TK (keep this on the side)


We MUST re-exame the NORAD TAPES!


I have been doing some investigating into the OP's Google Map Post:

Misty 1 is Wright-Patterson AFB.

Misty 2 is Fairport Harbor, Ohio.

Unidentified Map Marker in Massachusetts is Otis National Guard Airbase.

According to Google Live, the Bayside State Prison is directly under the flight path of the UAV/Drone path as indicated by the OP.

See Modified Map Here:

When you see the location of the prison, you have to wonder what a Muslim, and Turkish man were doing way out there in a corrections vehicle. Odd at best.

This may correlate to the tapes. Misty 1 may be a call sign for Wright-pat.

Misty 2 is an easy exit point to Canada.

Interesting indeed.


1 drone took off from f.a.a (jersey). 93 transponder
on record " 9th and 10 "
1 drone took off from McGuire air force base 77 transponder
on record " 9th and 10
i was not the only person that saw these 2 same drones
they flow down by us which is south jersey flight path.

i was standing facing south east. that's out to the ocean its pretty high up
from east to south west . check out the map

same formation with fighter jets F 18 and 1 thunderbolt

they transfer 1 to Ohio
on the record. 10th same day that's the one that hit (77 ) pantgon.
there a prob here t
the ship was in jersey shore for 3 days the 9 an 10 .11th

correct drones is the 2 pic


We MUST re-exame the NORAD TAPES!

Here are DIRECT LINKS to the FILES.

ch 4

"Hey this is the coast guard" (use timecode grid) drop a marker and SAVE THE PROJECT

I just finished the podcast. Here is my take. He claims that if you get the Dat file of the Norad tape, and you listen to all the channels locked, not broken into single MP3's you will see manipulation, especially track 4 He claims he personally witnessed two sets of one drone in formation with an A10 Thunderbolt (I think) and a F16 on day prior to, and on 9/11. Drones with white nose cones. One section headed SW, the other headed NW. He claims he was being released from prison, and got into the van to take him to another prison for processing, and in the van was a Muslim and a man of Turkish decent. They were turned around after the event and when they got back to his prison, the two men were taken away in unmarked government cars. He claims the morning of 9/11 his prison was surrounded by goon squads, and he was afraid for his life. He claims that in the Norad tapes Norad was in touch with the Coast Guard, and they were investigating a ship of the coast of Atlantic City. The ship had a heilo pad, and that he has information that two helicopters played a role in the downing of the two towers. I believe he mentioned the ship was flying a UK flag. He also says that the day of 9/11 there is a connection between customs agents in California, and the downing of building seven. It was very difficult to follow him, he kept jumping from one unfinished sentence to another subject and back again. I don't know if I have heard who he is actually suing in Federal Court. He is also going to post a grid of where these planes from surrounding Military bases came from in regards to his location at prison the morning of 9/11 He claims he can prove that the CIA is monitoring his e mails, and that they have mirror CNN, ABC, FOX News stations. He and his daughter have had death threats. There is also some mention of 3 girls doing lines on track 4 I believe, and it had something to do with the CIA. He wasn't very clear about it.In a nut shell. Edit to add: Hardstyle, please feel free to correct me in my details. I want to be as accurate as possible. This is just my best recollection of your information.

for what its worth, they are not "NORAD tapes"...theyre tapes from NEADS in Rome NY, not NORAD in Cheyenne mountain. I did download them when they first hit the net, and listed to A LOT of them. As I trecall there were about 20-some channels, each with at least 12 hours of audio. They were VERY VERY LOW BITRATE .wav files, *NOT* mp3's. I carefully analyzed what I listened to, and for the most part found it unremarkable, with a few exceptions..... i remember when maj. Kevin Nasypany (i think it was him, possibly it wasnt) sees on CNN that the pentagon has been hit, he actually says "It's a coup". I also remember it was odd how the fighters from langley were "accidentally" directed hundreds of miles over the OCEAN instead of to DC or NYC.....I kept a detailed analysis of my findings, I'll have to try to dig it up....heres some stuff i remember off the top of my head:

most of the 20-some channels were recorded in the same room, as you could hear people in the backround faintly, but the same audio was recorded clearly on a diff cahnnel, which would make it easy to check if the synchronocity has been tampered with.

hmmm, i also remember them saying that flight 93 exploded in mid air "near camp david" on these tapes.....

i also remember that flight 11 was reported (on these tapes) to have been seen STILL AIRBORNE (identified by tail #) after the 1st WTC impact [miraculously].

there was a lot of confusion about some delta flight near cleveland delta 19?? (i forget). the cleveland ATC was scared #less, as some mysterious plane was circling his airport....

The tapes are full of interesting anomalys, you just have to know what youre looking for.

I posted the files to usenet a while ago, but must have been more than 200 days ago cus i cant find em anymore.


BQM-34E Firebee

When the U.S. Navy introduced the AN/USW-3(V) ITCS (see description of the BQM-34S above) in the early 1970s, the BQM-34E was upgraded with AN/DKW-1 ITCS guidance transponders. This resulted in the BQM-34T, which was otherwise identical to the BQM-34E.

The BQM-34E/F/T Firebee II could employ essentially the same payloads as the subsonic BQM-34A/S counterparts. To improve endurance, an external conformal fuel tank could be fitted. This limited the speed to high subsonic, and lead to a performance generally similar to that of the Firebee I. When production ended in 1980, almost 300 Firebee IIs of all versions had been built. In the early 1990s, the usual attrition of target drones had reduced the number of Firebee IIs to less than 50, and it is apparently no longer used nowadays.


I am a no planer he is as well so he gained 100 points right there. The 2 drones sound very credible, as well as prison. Now if he has hardcore evidence he is a dead walking body period.

Description of items: Twenty-one 9-11 recordings from North American
Aerospace Defense Command and United States
Northern Command (NORAD-USNORTHCOM)

Released date: 09-April-2008

Posted date: 15-April-2008

Date/date range of document: 11-September-2001

Source of document: NORAD/US Northern Command Public Affairs
250 Vandenberg, Suite B016
Peterson AFB CO 80914-3808
Phone: 719-554-6889

Notes: This file contains: cover sheet, list of
files with hyperlinks to the actual mp3 audio files, and the
NORAD/USNORTHCOM release letter.

This material totals over 100 hours of audio recordings of various NORAD/NORTHCOM communications channels on September 11, 2001 in 21 separate mp3 audio files.
These files are compressed into .zip files to facilitate downloading. The .zip files must be uncompressed with Microsoft Windows or an application like WinZIP or Stuffit in order to listen to them. The files and links to them are listed on the following page.

NORAD-USNORTHCOM_9-11_Tapes.pdf (This file) 139.0 KB 45.5 MB 44.8 MB 47.1 MB 45.0 MB 34.8 MB 44.8 MB 44.2 MB 44.3 MB 44.3 MB 44.4 MB 44.6 MB 44.3 MB 40.5 MB 45.8 MB 44.4 MB 46.2 MB 29.2 MB 45.8 MB 44.3 MB 7.9 MB 44.2 MB

MSgt Anthony Hill
250 Vandenberg St Ste B016
Peterson AFB, CO 80914
Enclosed are digital copies of the 9/11 tapes that you requested. There are six
separate CDs labeled with various channels. They are in wave file format and can be
listened to on your computer through Windows Media Player or other compatible media
players. I am not sure if you are able to listen to them on a regular CD player.
For more information about NORAD and USNORTHCOM, visit our web sites at and, or give us a call at (719) 554-6889.
Directorate of Public Affairs

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