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Friday, March 19, 2010

TURKEY fights CIA deep state to join EU

CIA-trained and controlled military fascists
who explode bombs to kill civilians and BLAME ISLAMISTS.
in order to gain more repression money and resources,

google ergenekon - gladio

.Neo-nationalist group wiretapped PM.s house.

Abdülkadir Selvi, the Yeni Safak daily.s Ankara
representative, has claimed in his new book that the
Association for the Union of Patriotic Forces (VKGB)
wiretapped the house of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip
Erdogan, including his bedroom.

Titled "Içimizdeki Gladio ile Yüzlesme" (Confronting
the Gladio Inside Us), Selvi.s book seeks to shed light
on a number of murky incidents in Turkey.s history. The
VKGB is suspected of close ties with Ergenekon, a
clandestine criminal organization accused of working to
overthrow the government.

Several members of the group are currently standing
trial on charges of knowingly aiding and abetting
Ergenekon. In October of last year, an Ankara court
ruled to merge the trial with that of Ergenekon.

In his book, Selvi recounts dialogue between two VKGB
members, Zeki Balaban and Halit Bozdag. In the
conversation, Bozdag warns Balaban about wiretapping
the prime minister.s house. The dialogue follows:

Bozdag: Quit wiretapping.

Balaban: OK.

Bozdag: You even wiretapped his [prime minister.s]
bedroom. How on earth did you do this?

Balaban: Hey, who wiretapped his bedroom?

Bozdag: Your men.

Balaban: My men did not enter his house. That.s
probably the work of your men.

Bozdag: They did not place a bug in his house. They
wiretapped his phone.

Two journalists were detained in November on charges of
wiretapping Prime Minister Erdogan. Aydinlik
Editor-in-Chief Deniz Yildirim and Ulusal TV editor
Ufuk Akaya are also accused of membership in Ergenekon.

09 March 2010, Tuesday TODAY.S ZAMAN ISTANBUL

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